The 10 Best Online Resources to Learn Android Development

By Johnson Lu on October 24, 2018 / 19 Comments

learn android app development

Android is an open-source platform, which means it can be utilized in a number of different ways and there is no barrier of entry. This makes it great for new developers who are just starting out, as you can develop an app and place it on the marketplace without needing to meet a quality assurance criteria. So whether you are now to mobile development or looking to learn Android app development, here is a collection of the 10 best Android app development online training resources.

Developer Android

This is the official Android development page provided by Google. It contains all the documentation you’ll need and there is also a training section that will help you learn Android programming and build an app from scratch. There are also guides and documentation for design and distribution if you are interested in those topics as well.


Vogella has a great collection of free Android tutorials that touch on everything from the basics to more advanced topics. Each tutorial is extremely well written, providing great code examples and links to further resources.

My Life with Android

My Life with Android is a blog that is more like a developer’s diary than a standard Android tutorial for beginners. Run by Gabor Pellar, it details his experiences with Android development. While it is a great resource to learn Android programming from a firsthand perspective, it may contain errors, as it is written by someone who is putting down his thoughts as he learns Android app development. Still it is a great resource and you might be able to learn something by reading someone else’s experience with Android development.


Technotalkative is a website run by Paresh Mayani and he has gathered all the articles and tutorials he has written for Android all in one spot. The tutorials, which are free, cover particular aspects of Android app development for beginners and experienced designers alike, and aim to provide in-depth answers to specific questions.

The New Boston

Are you more of a visual person, or just simply prefer to learn Android app development online in a video format? Try The New Boston’s collection of 200 Android app development video tutorials. With this many free Android video tutorials for beginners, you should be able to work your way around Android development after watching this vast collection.

The New Circle – Android Bootcamp Series 2012

The Android Bootcamp Series 2012 is a free video series recorded live during Marakana’s Android Bootcamp Sessions. There is also a complimentary slideshow included with the video series. This 29 part series will take you through everything you need to know about Android development for beginners. It even covers topics such as security, content providers and system services which many of even the best Android development courses don’t cover.


Treehouse is a subscription based website with a great collection of tutorials and lessons that will take you through Android app development online from the basics to advanced topics. Subscribing to their services gives you access to all of their best Android development courses which you can complete at your own leisure and pace. is another subscription based website which hosts premium tutorials for all different topics, including mobile app development with Android. You will find a great collection of video tutorials which you can download and then learn Android programming at your own pace. All the courses are high quality and provide all the files and resources you need to complete the tasks.

Where To Start – Learning Android App Development the Right Way

This is a list of the best online Android app development resources collected by Kevin Darty. He emphasizes that you should first learn Java to build a strong fundamental in Android development and then moves on to provide a great list of other Android development tutorials and articles.

Mobile Tuts+


Mobile Tuts+ is a great resource for inspiration and information on Android development for beginners and experts alike. As part of the prolific Envato network, they deliver some of the best content regarding mobile development available on the internet. No matter whether you are an experienced developer or a complete beginner, Mobile Tuts+ has a huge array of free tutorials to learn Android app development.

Whether you are learning Android programming for fun or adding it to your repertoire of skills, these Android app development online resources are a great starting point. With some time and patience you should be able to create an awesome app and publish it on the Google Play store.