7 Features Any Parking App in NYC Must Have

By Rae Steinbach on November 10, 2018

parking app for nyc

Finding parking in New York City can be an absolute nightmare. Luckily, mobile parking apps are beginning to make the overall experience much simpler.

In general, the popularity of on-demand platforms is on the rise, and parking applications are a part of this trend. Developers should act now to take advantage of the demand for parking apps in NYC. That said, to ensure yours is successful, it is important to understand what essential features it should include.

Specifically, make sure your parking app for NYC offers the following:

Any Parking App Design Must Offer Navigation

Once users find a parking spot on your app, do not force them to switch to a different app to actually get to it. Merely providing the addresses in NYC is not valuable; you also need to show users how to reach them. Including navigation as a built-in feature within your NYC parking app will enhance the experience and ensure users continue using the product.

Provide Real-Time Updates About NYC Parking in the App

NYC streets often have alternate side parking rules to facilitate street cleaning. If your parking app for NYC is going to include streets where parking is allowed, make sure it updates when alternate side parking is in effect.

Integrate a Payment System

Again, effective parking apps reduce the number of steps users have to take to find a spot. In NYC, parking often involves paying for a spot. Letting customers pay by integrating payment directly within the parking app design is a simple way to offer added convenience. NYC parking apps like ParkNYC and PayByPhone are both excellent examples of how this feature can work.

Set In-App Alerts to Warn NYC Customers About Their Parking Spot

In NYC, the fine for remaining parked in a spot after your allotted time has expired is $65. You do not want users to incur fines because they forgot they were running out of time. That is why your parking app for NYC should send alerts/push notifications when the spot is soon to expire.

Provide Pricing Comparisons Between Parking Options

The cost of parking throughout NYC can vary greatly, and that is simply for municipal spots. While some users will be in a hurry and choose the closest spot, others may have more time to find one more affordable. Thus, it is a good idea to allow users to compare pricing via your parking app in NYC.

Make Reservations on the App for NYC Parking Spots

Although you cannot allow users to reserve municipal parking spots, you can coordinate with parking garages and related businesses to offer this feature within your parking app design. ParkMobile is one such example of a parking app doing just this.

This can be especially important in busy sections of the city. A user should not feel like they need to race to the parking garage to secure a spot. Implementing reservations within your parking app for NYC makes their experience a lot less stressful than it otherwise could be.

Enable Varied Booking Options

Some app users will only need daily parking. Others may need a parking spot on a weekly or monthly basis. Include both these options and any others that are applicable within your NYC parking app in order to appeal to as many potential customers as possible.

It is also essential that you work with experts who understand effective parking app design. Let them know what features you want your parking app for NYC to include, but leave the development process itself to the professionals.

They will know how to incorporate all your desired features while also designing a parking app that boasts an intuitive, seamless user experience. They may also identify extra features you hadn’t considered that can make your NYC parking app stand out in the market. By coordinating with experienced mobile app developers in NY, you’re much more likely to release an app that pleases customers.