7 Reasons Why Every Restaurant Should Build a Mobile Ordering & Delivery App

By Rae Steinbach on November 5, 2018

food ordering apps

Is there any worse feeling than waiting in a long line when you’re at your hangriest? Whether it’s at Shake Shack or Sweetgreen, a long queue and slow service can result in lost customers.

However, restaurants that offer convenience to their customers succeed. This is the primary reason many have developed on-demand mobile ordering apps. Instead of forcing customers to try and get through to them via phone, these restaurants simplify the process of placing an order. The best restaurant apps allow customers to conveniently interact with a restaurant on their mobile device.

To better understand why your business needs a QSR (quick service restaurant) app, keep the following points in mind. They illustrate why a delivery and/or order app is key to pleasing customers and boosting sales.

Apps Make Mobile Ordering Easy

There is a good chance your customers have several options to choose from when deciding which restaurant to order a meal from. Just consider the fact that there are over one million restaurants in the U.S. already, and that number continues to grow at about 10,000 new establishments each year. Although many factors will influence consumer decision-making, the amount of steps they need to take to place an order is a key one.

When a customer calls a restaurant, they cannot be sure they will get through right away. Lines might be busy depending on when they are calling. Additionally, if they do get through, they might have trouble explaining their order to the person on the other line if there is background noise or a weak signal. This can discourage potential customers from choosing your restaurant. There is also the fact to consider that people prefer to not speak on the phone if given the option of another communication method.

That is not an issue with food ordering apps. They make it easy for customers to place a mobile order exactly when and how they want it. The added convenience they get from a good mobile ordering app will help you attract more business.

Personalize the Order and Delivery Experience With an App

It’s worth noting that there are third-party apps which allow customers to order from multiple restaurants. You may assume you don’t need your own product if you make your restaurant available through this type of order app.

However, surveys indicate that most customers actually prefer to use a restaurant’s own product. This is because the restaurant has more opportunities to collect customer data with a unique app, making it easier to customize the experience. Some of the best restaurant apps allow customers to create a profile and keep track of past orders and customizations.

Native QSR Apps are Easier to Adjust

If you use a third-party app, the process of making changes to your menu will also be more time-consuming. This can lead to inaccuracies.

With your own food ordering app, you can make the necessary changes right away. You do not want customers to find out the order they placed cannot be delivered because an item is no longer available.

The Best Restaurant Apps Boost Your Bottom Line

Research shows that approximately 77% of Americans now have smartphones. This means developing your own QSR app makes it easier to reach customers and inevitably boost your revenue.

If customers do not have your number saved in their phone, they might not bother to look it up when considering where to order a meal from. That is not a problem with a mobile order or delivery app. They will always have a simple, direct means of contacting your business conveniently located on their phone.

food ordering apps - Starbucks example

Image source: https://digit.hbs.org/submission/starbucks-mobile-app-a-winner-in-bridging-the-retail-digital-divide/


Take the Starbucks mobile ordering app, for example. Since launching in 2011, 30% of transactions now take place through the order app. Additionally, mobile customers spend 3X more than the average Starbucks consumer. Finally, the app has helped boost store efficiency by handling transactions faster, therefore allowing them to fulfill a higher volume of orders.

Including Loyalty Programs Attracts Users

According to one survey, nearly half of all consumers say they are more likely to patronize a restaurant if it offers a loyalty program. Again, Starbucks is the brand to look to here. Their restaurant loyalty app is the most regularly used QSR app, beating out Pizza Hut and Domino’s.

You cannot provide your customers with those kinds of rewards through a third-party app. Instead, you need to develop your own mobile order or delivery app to offer this perk.

Mobile Order and Delivery Apps Keep up with the Times

As demographics shift, restaurants must adjust their business models. Catering to Millennials involves understanding how Millennials spend money on food.

For instance, they are far more likely than older generations to order food delivery via an app. After all, they belong to a generation that has essentially grown up with convenient, efficient digital services. Providing them with a mobile delivery app that makes it easy to contact your restaurant is key to maintaining your customer base.

Boost Brand Awareness

The best restaurant apps are designed to reflect their brand. This ensures the organization remains present in a customer’s overall awareness. You cannot achieve this goal with a third-party app. With your own mobile ordering app, however, you can control every aspect of the branded experience.

Just make sure you work with qualified developers who understand how to build food ordering apps, that offer an ideal user experience and interface. By partnering with experts, you can ensure your restaurant offers customers the convenience they want with the best restaurant app possible.