The Value Of Alexa Skill Content Marketing

Bobby Gill | February 15, 2018

Alexa skills are functionalities that developers can create for the Amazon voice assistant to ensure a customized, user-centric experience. They also offer brands unique marketing opportunities. With an Alexa marketing campaign, companies can leverage the convenience of a voice interface to better serve their customers and more efficiently share content.

To better understand the value of this approach, consider how these major enterprises have already taken advantage of Alexa’s voice recognition technology.

Johnnie Walker Uses Alexa Marketing for Personalized Experiences

The popular whisky brand released an Alexa skill that caters directly to the interests of its customers. After confirming they’re of legal drinking age, users can access a range of features using the voice recognition software. For example, imagine a customer wants to determine the ideal blend for their tastes: The skill asks the user certain questions about their palate, then recommends a bottle.

Johnnie Walker benefits from leveraging this as an Alexa marketing strategy in several ways. Obviously, recommending particular bottles can boost sales. On top of that, a recent Salesforce survey indicates that people want to have personalized interactions with brands. An Alexa skill designed to learn about a customer’s preferences offers a personal marketing experience that fulfills exactly this preference.

Time Out’s Voice Interface Improves the Traveler Experience

Popular city guide Time Out offers readers suggestions for things to do or places to go in major metropolitan areas. Understanding that voice recognition software could increase brand awareness, the company released an Alexa skill that makes getting those types of recommendations as simple as asking for them.

This feature offers users a daily list, curated by Time Out editors, of can’t-be-missed experiences in their cities.

The skill integrated into the voice interface boosts brand recognition, and it gives Time Out the opportunity to sell or promote its other products, all while sharing truly useful information with customers.

Tide Provides Branded Information With Voice Recognition Software

People use Tide products to complete a very basic, everyday task: stain removal.

Thus, the company benefits when more people associate the brand with its intended task. That line of thinking resulted in an Alexa marketing strategy that led to the development of a skill providing users with directions on how to remove different types of stains.

Using voice recognition technology, the Alexa skill positions Tide as the helpful friend or relative who always knows how to clean a garment, while also building and maintaining brand loyalty.

What Alexa Skills Can do for You

Voice interfaces are becoming so popular that voice commands may soon replace typing as the primary way users search for content online. Advances in voice recognition technology have made these types of features far more reliable than they may have been in the past.

With more customers anticipating this type of interface, brands should investigate how they can take advantage of the trend. Developing Alexa skills is ideal for content marketing because, first and foremost, it offers users the kind of personal and valuable service they desire.

Whether you’re recommending products, sharing local event guides, or providing useful instructions, giving customers the chance to interact with your brand via Alexa allows you to engage with them on a much more consistent basis. As the examples above demonstrate, you could also use these features of voice recognition software to boost sales.

Contact Alexa marketing and skills development specialists to learn more about building skills for Alexa. Taking action now, when this marketing opportunity is still fairly new, is key to your success.

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