Car Parts App for Professional On-Demand Delivery & Pick-up – Tonquin

By Rae Steinbach on October 11, 2018

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Company Background

1. High-level overview of the company:

Tonquin is a business to business app for car parts that connects local on-demand drivers with auto parts and supplies. The car parts shopping app gives auto retailers, dealerships and suppliers the option to offer on-demand delivery with very easy to use software on their web browser. A company large or small can create an account using only an email and credit card. The Tonquin on-demand delivery app allows for companies to control things like employee roles, multiple shipping locations, and favorite drivers. Completing a shipment only takes a couple clicks and drivers are notified in seconds. The Tonquin driver app, offered on both Android and iOS, was built with familiar features for an on-demand drivers. Verified drivers can flip a switch to go active on the on-demand car app and begin accepting shipments. By connecting a Stripe account, the drivers get paid for each delivery and have the money in their account within days. Since the Tonquin on-demand app works with businesses, drivers can expect better hours, higher pay, and an overall better experience than alternatives.

2. How long have you been in business and many employees do you have?

Tonquin has been in business since September 18th, 2018. The car parts app is run by myself and my father Jeff Lyman Sr, Tonquins other co-founder. The company was founded in August of 2017 and developed it’s software in that year alongside Blue Label Labs.

3. What company challenges and objectives led you to look for solution?

Tonquin was designed as an on-demand service app to alleviate auto suppliers of the issues that come along with delivery fleets like drop shipping, seasonal demand, and understaffing. The car parts shopping app was also built to give local automotive business’ the technology they need to compete in the future. Our mission is to fuel local automotive supply chains with new life and energy, as well as cut the costs for brick and mortar parts suppliers so that automotive repairers will always be able to call their local parts guy and be offered the best price.

4. Who is your target audience/ persona and what challenges are you hoping to solve for them with your new product/ service?

Our target audience is automotive parts and supplies retailers and suppliers, as well as dealerships. With 40 years experience behind us and having done research with experts in the field, we hope to automate and transform the way parts are shipped to repair shops. Understanding what is wanted in the industry, we want to create a persona of the most friendly and efficient service to our customers through the auto parts app, as well as a place for on-demand drivers to work happily.

5. Is there a particular aspect of your product/ service that separates you from your competition?

Tonquin was built as an on-demand delivery app with auto parts and supplies in mind. The car parts app includes features that were direct results of talking with industry pros. With many more features to come, the Tonquin app for car parts plans to offer much more to the automotive parts markets in order to help it expand and flourish in the future.

Reason for Choosing BLL

1. What were your goals when hiring BLL?

Our goal when hiring Blue Label Labs was to partner with a company that was large enough to have all the experience we needed to achieve our goals but small enough to get the attention, communication, and team we wanted as we created our auto parts app.

2. What made our service stand out against our competitors?

There was one past project that stood out to us that noted their experience with on-demand service apps and what we were looking for. The value at which they offered their service made it an easy choice.

3 .What did your decision-making process look like?

As a company we looked at the size, experience, reviews and of course the price that was being asked for our on-demand app project. For Tonquin, giving more weight to certain aspects of our car parts delivery app development rather than others made our decision to go with Blue Label.

4. What was most important to you when evaluating your options?

The thing most important to me as a founder was quality. I wanted the absolute best quality for the auto parts app that we were creating and that’s what led me to Blue Label. After doing research and talking with the team at BLL I knew the quality of the final result would be based on their excellent communication, highly skilled team, organization, and passed success with on-demand delivery app development.

Expectation for product launch

1. How does your new solution enhance your competitive advantage?

Tonquin’s unique situation has fueled our competitive advantage as an app for car parts by having the opportunity to work directly with our future clients throughout the development process and to continue to have those connects and allow them to directly influence our product in the future.

2. What are your goals for your new product/ service?

Our goal is to be the go to platform for automotive parts delivery. On both sides we want to be of a service to our clients by giving them what they need to have a good outlook for the future and keep the drivers on our platform happy because without them we wouldn’t operate. Other products for the automotive retail and supply markets are already in the works and we hope to offer much more in the future with our on-demand car parts shopping app so that local businesses can continue to flourish.