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How Much Does it Cost to Create a Virtual Reality Application? Read Article

INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Does it Cost to Create a Virtual Reality App?

Virtual Reality app development costs vary depending on a number of factors. While much of the costs are dependent on the type of VR content, other components will have a role in determining the full cost of your project. There are four essential components that you will have to consider before starting your VR project and each will have their own separate costs and considerations: Content, Headsets, Software & Distribution. Check-out the infographic!

Cory Bishop of Blue Label Labs Read Article

A Blue Label Labs Series on the Team Behind the Apps: Cory Bishop, Program Manager

You may not know it, but there’s an incredible team of really cool, very awesome, entrepreneurial-driven creators, technologists, developers and visionaries behind the apps that get created here at Blue Label Labs. As a part of an on-going installment, we will be periodically featuring some of the exceptional talent beyond the #Slack channels of Blue Label Labs team.

Blue Label Lab develops iOS 10 Sticker Pacs Read Article

How Apple’s iOS 10 iMessage Update Can Help Drive Traffic to Your App

For the first time ever Apple will open up its iMessage app to third party developers. At Apple’s June 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference, much of the conference was dedicated to what changes are coming within the iMessage app. One of the most notable changes was the introduction of sticker packs, allowing developers to create their very own form of enhanced, animated emojis. What’s also interesting, but has been less talked about, is how additional features, including interactive messaging and in-line app attribution, will help to drive more traffic and engagement for your apps and overall brand.