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Insights Success Calls Blue Label Labs “Ideal Partner in Developing Mobile Apps”

Once an IT catchphrase, “Mobile App”, now has transformed into a very real phenomenon for businesses and consumers alike. Ameliorations in network technologies, restructuring of revenue-sharing pattern, decrease of mobile data usage cost, increasing adoption of smartphones, and application usability has contributed to the growth of mobile application adoption globally.

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Blue Label Labs’ Co-Founder and CTO, Bobby Gill, Featured in Interview Series on Wearables

Blue Label Labs’ Co-Founder and CTO, Bobby Gill, participated in research on developing apps for wearables conducted by Washington, DC-based IT research firm Clutch. A mobile app design and development company, Blue Label Labs continued its work with wearables in March 2015, when it partnered with BabyMed to extend an existing mobile application to the Apple Watch.