Bar-Eeze is a social networking platform that serves as a crystal ball for nightlife. Users may view the current status of any bar.

We present to you Vibe Badges! A quick way to view or select the bar’s current atmosphere. No more wondering about the gender ratio, line outside, wait time for a drink and many more factors that will impact your nightly bar decision.

Invite your friends out with one click. Once you are friends with another Bar-Eeze user. Friends will instantly receive a message asking them to join you at your current check in location. You can also message your friends within the app!

The live chat section of the app will give you a more personal look at what’s going on at any venue. Connect with users at the same venue as you or see what people are saying at a bar you’re thinking of going to. Users can add pictures to the chat and up-vote comments.

Bar-Eeze gives you the power of knowing. Never again wonder what the move for the night is. We’ve got your back.