Silicon Alley Beat: New York Tech, Mobile & Startup Events (June 10 – June 14, 2013)

By Natasha Singh on June 10, 2013

…And we’re back! For those of you waiting with baited breath last Monday morning for my event list to go live, I’m sorry, sometimes the world has a way of screwing up a blog post! Anyways, let’s forget the silence of last week and move on. This week we have a  whole host of really interesting events happening in NYC, I am pretty excited about the Brooklyn Design & Technology Meetup happening on Monday at 3rd Ward, come say hi if you go!

As always, if you want to add your event to my list, please email me or tweet at me!

Monday – June 10, 2013

Tuesday – June 11, 2013

Wednesday – June 12, 2013

Thursday – June 13, 2013

Friday – June 14, 2013