You Are Cleared For Takeoff

El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Colombia approached Blue Label Labs with the desire to build an eye-catching app that not only made it easy for visitors to travel through the airport and monitor their flight status, but also served to showcase the variety of vendors and service providers available within the 44th busiest airport in the world. Initially, the airport had worked with a local app development team to create the El Dorado. However, after two months of struggling to overcome the technical and design challeneges of the project, the airport approached Blue Label Labs to take over development of the iOS and Android apps. The Blue Label Labs app development team was tasked with a tough challenge: design, build and deploy the first iOS version of the El Dorado app within eight weeks.


Hello Peace of Mind

The team at Hello Sitter set out to revolutionize child care by bringing a safe, easy on-demand babysitting service directly to the fingertips of parents. Hello Sitter set out to change what it means to find the right babysitter for busy parents in New York and to achieve this vision they chose Blue Label Labs as their mobile design and development partner. Hello Sitter was envisioned to provide an experience that took the stress out of finding quality childcare. Whether it was a last minute meeting or a much needed date night, Hello Sitter wanted to create a seamless experience that made scheduling babysitting as frictionless and easy as possible. In selecting Blue Label Labs as their mobile app design and development partner, Hello Sitter looked to Blue Label to not only design a mobile app that brought their vision to life but also to build, test, and deploy the product so that it was ready for a spring launch.


A Better Way to Pay and Play

Magic Money approached Blue Label Labs with an ambitious goal: to create a cashless ticketing platform for the largest fair operators in the country. Leveraging cloud technologies, radio frequency wrist bands and near field communications enabled point-of-sale devices, Blue Label Labs delivered a gate-to-gate solution that seamlessly meshes a network of customized apps and devices with near field communications readers to process millions of transactions and counting. Magic Money's guest facing apps on both Android and iOS allow event guests to fund and refill wristbands easily, resulting in a dramatic revenue increase for event managers. Using RFID & NFC technology greatly enhances guest experience by virtually eliminating long lines and accelerating on-sight purchasing. A suite of powerful administration tools and administration portal also allows event managers to capture and analyze valuable business metrics like guest behavior and vendor performance in real time while the cashless system eliminates theft and reporting errors. Magic Money truly is a better way to pay and play.


Financial Aid Made Easy

YesU was the brainchild of Wes Moore, a social justice advocate who has spent his life serving marginalized populations. Wes founded the organization BridgeEdU with the purpose of building a better on-ramp to higher education and career preparedness. He believes in supporting populations of students who need additional encouragement throughout their first two years of college, which are arguably the most difficult to complete. Wes next set his sights on the path to college entry, and approached Blue Label Labs to design, develop, and deploy YesU, the partner app to the BridgeEdu program which helps students find scholarships, grants, and successfully complete the Federal Application for Financial Student Aid. YesU was deployed for all 50 states and also the District of Columbia on iOS and has since expanded to include Android support and feature programs specifically for military veterans, undocumented students, and students in U.S. Territories.

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