Are You Using AI In Your Job?

We want to understand the real-world applications of AL and ML in business and the impact it will have on all our jobs.

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How is AI Transforming
The Way We Work?

[1-Minute Survey]

How is AI Transforming
The Way We Work?

[1-Minute Survey]

With the advent of cutting-edge systems like ChatGPT and Bard, the buzz around AI (Artificial Intelligence) is more palpable than ever. But what does this really mean for you and your business?

Through this quick survey, we aim to understand the real-world applications of AI and Machine Learning (ML), and their impacts across diverse industries.

Your responses will remain anonymous, and if you’d like to receive access to the final report, you can provide your email at the end of the survey.

Let’s uncover the real impact of AI in today’s business landscape. It will take just one minute.

How It Works.
Participating in our survey is simple and straightforward. Here's what’s going to happen:
Answer the Questions

We’ve prepared 10 questions for you to answer.
The questions are designed to take a snapshot of how AI and ML are being used in your business. It shouldn’t take more than a minute to complete.

Data Analysis

Once the survey period is over, our team will get to work analyzing the data. We’ll dig into the responses, looking for trends, commonalities, and unique insights about how AI and ML are shaping the business landscape.

Results Release

We’ll compile the findings into an insightful blog post.
The post will share the anonymized data, protecting the identities of all participants while still giving you access to the broad trends and insights.

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