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From brand new products to overhauls, BlueLabel provides everything a digital product needs to thrive.

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Design Sprint

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We start by validating and fine-tuning your product concept with our remote Design Sprint.
Built off of Google Venture’s well-tested framework, it’s a flexible series of 7 workshop sessions conducted over 2 to 3 weeks.

Design Sprints enable us to rapidly build trust between all participants, establish cross-functional alignment, as well as understand the product vision and goals. This process can also be used beyond the initial product validation phase, such as with new feature rollouts and major redesigns, to get product feedback from target users.

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Innovation & Strategy

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We’ll transform initial product concepts into meaningful, innovative, and beloved products.

During this phase, we’ll conduct human-centered competitive analysis to gather user insights and understand your target audience, while co-creation workshops help us generate ideas and solutions.
From there, we’ll build a validated product strategy with a functional roadmap that has clear goals and KPIs.

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Our outputs align with your business needs. We can:

  • Collaborate and conduct a full product brand design engagement
  • Adopt an existing brand and associated guidelines
  • Refresh an established brand for today’s needs

We’ll create and modify as many visual identity elements as necessary to design the perfect assets for your digital product, and deliver a polished brand experience.

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Design & User Testing

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Our UX and UI design process starts with a focus on the user’s needs and behaviors, resulting in sophisticated products with simplicity at their core. We begin by developing prototypes of core screens and features, conducting rapid, iterative feedback cycles to gather both quantitative and qualitative user data.

This foundational allows us to prioritize feature development, before we begin coding and developing, saving time and resources.

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Development & Testing

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Our Scrum-based Agile development methodology ensures frequent builds that give us plenty of time to learn, test, and adjust. Since every project is unique, we choose the agile method for the job and develop your product with the best frameworks of today and tomorrow:

We’ll test and QA any and all front or back-end systems to ensure a smooth product experience at launch.

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Analytics Strategy

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Data plays a critical role in every product which is why we use proven processes as part of our Analytics Strategy approach.
We apply strategy alignment to develop a vertical-focused KPI scorecard based on valuable metrics from event-based data. This is used to present meaningful data that reflects business-ready company goals through custom KPI dashboards.

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Post-Launch Support

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A digital product’s journey really begins when it launches.

BlueLabel can continue to support products long-term to help businesses understand how to best improve and grow. Beyond ongoing maintenance and post-launch management, we offer comprehensive support solutions backed by data-driven processes to help you understand your growing user base and evolve your product over time.

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