Design Sprints

A Protoype + User feedback in Just 5 days.

The process

A Sprint is a 5-day process for solving big problems and testing new ideas

Developed in Google and then in Google Ventures in over 150 projects by Product Designer Jake Knapp, Design Sprints are commonly used today at Lego, Airbnb, Facebook, and other market leaders.

The process is composed of a series of timed exercises which take a mixed team of experts and designers from initial expert interviews and mapping out challenges (on Monday), through designing a realistic prototype (on Thursday), all the way to testing it with real users (on Friday).

What does a Sprint look like?

A Sprint is a 1-week hackathon which includes Design Thinking exercises to ensure alignment and human-centered design. It also includes a whole day of user testing with the prototype, to accelerate learning.


Weekly Activities

Choosing Goal
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    Interview Experts

  • Check

    Map the Challenge

Generate Ideas
  • Check

    Lightning Demos

  • Check

    Idea Sketches

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    Heatmap Voting

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    Idea Sketches

  • Check

    Make a Realistic Prototype

Test with Users
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    5 User Tests

What are sprints for?

Design Sprints provide incredible ROI quickly, by removing the costs of context-switching, communication barriers, and useless back and forth. They focus the team’s attention on a single challenge without distractions, with some amazing outcomes.

  • Products

    Designing New Products

  • Solving problems

    Solving Big Problems Together

  • New Ideas

    Testing New Ideas

  • Alignment

    Achieving Alignment

  • Creating a plan

    Creating a Strategic Plan

  • Innovation

    Repeatable Innovation

  • Campaign

    Creating a Great Campaign

  • Users

    Learning from Users

  • Momentum

    Creating Momentum

What Outcome Should I Expect?

At the end of 5-days, you’ll have a realistic prototype of the core product or solution we tackle, as well as detailed feedback from users on that prototype, and clear next steps.


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