Silicon Alley Beat: New York Tech & Startup Events (April 8 – April 12)

By Natasha Singh on April 8, 2013

Second week of April and I have faith that spring will be with us by the end of this week! Hang on techies in NYC, the warmth is coming. This week we have a hodge podge of events across the city, from the New York Tech Meetup to even a British Tech Startups in NYC meetup.

For any females looking to get an introduction to JavaScript and JQuery, checkout the Girls Develop It class this week, it’s an introduction to JQuery, should be useful!

As always, if you’d like your event added to the calendar either email me or tweet at me!

Monday – April 8, 2013

Tuesday – April 9, 2013

Wednesday – April 10, 2013

Thursday – April 11, 2013

Friday – April 12, 2013