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How Much Does it Cost to Create a Virtual Reality Application? Read Article

INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Does it Cost to Create a Virtual Reality App?

Virtual Reality app development costs vary depending on a number of factors. While much of the costs are dependent on the type of VR content, other components will have a role in determining the full cost of your project. There are four essential components that you will have to consider before starting your VR project and each will have their own separate costs and considerations: Content, Headsets, Software & Distribution. Check-out the infographic!

hipaa compliance Read Article

HIPAA compliance and your mobile app: what you need to know, from the privacy and security experts

When it comes to understanding HIPAA, there are a lot of complexities, mostly due to the ambiguity around what exactly is considered PHI (protected health information). It’s also not so cut and dry in terms of what apps need to be compliant or not. As a general rule, it really falls down to what information is being collected.