The easy way to prototype your Windows 8 app idea

By Bobby Gill on April 7, 2012

It’s no surprise to hear that technical talent is in short supply, especially here in New York City, and even more so in the solar-hot mobile space. However, what there is no shortage of are people with really cool app ideas but without the technical resources to get it built, or even prototyped.

Today, I am pleased to introduce our new line of prototyping templates available at Windows8Templates.com. These toolkits allow virtually anyone to build a functional prototype of their Windows 8 Metro app using nothing but PowerPoint. That’s right, no code, no photoshop, no non-interactive wireframes.

To build your prototypes, just create a new deck in PowerPoint, and build your app screens by dragging-and-dropping our template elements to model your desired user experience. Once you have the look and feel done, then use the click events in PowerPoint to simulate user interaction by navigating to different slides. When you click ‘View Slideshow’, your prototype will be ready to be used by clients, investors and customers alike.

I believe these templates are great tools for mobile entrepreneurs who want to pitch their idea to investors, or even experienced designers that want to test their user-experience designs with clients prior to committing it to code.

You don’t need to code to prototype your app idea, all you need is PowerPoint and our templates.

Windows8Templates.com:  Download Metro-Themed Windows 8 Templates for PowerPoint

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