BLL Named Ideal Partner In Developing Mobile Apps

Zack Drew | March 22, 2016

Once an IT catchphrase, “Mobile App”, now has transformed into a very real phenomenon for businesses and consumers alike. Ameliorations in network technologies, restructuring of revenue-sharing pattern, decrease of mobile data usage cost, increasing adoption of smartphones, and application usability has contributed to the growth of mobile application adoption globally.

Founded in 2009, NYC based, Blue Label Labs is one of the leading mobile, tablet and watch app design, development and marketing agency. Partnering with entrepreneurs, enterprises and digital/full-services agencies, Blue Label Labs has built over 90 iOS, Android and Windows-based apps.

With a vision to become the world’s premier app design, development and marketing agency Blue Label Labs is moving forward with its mission to help entrepreneurs, agencies and enterprises achieve all of their mobile, tablet, wearable, TV and internet-of-things app goals, accompanied with its best in class services.

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