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Introducing Orbit Path: A Space-based Puzzler

Bobby Gill | January 15, 2016

Our journey from idea to mobile game

it’s been a while, but we at Blue Label Labs are excited to announce our latest creation: Orbit Path, our new space-based puzzler for iOS & Android. The last time you heard from us we brought with us Word Hack, our chart topping word game. This time we’ve ditched the dictionary and have gone interplanetary with Orbit Path, a puzzle set in outer space. As the name might suggest, each puzzle requires you cut a path across the orbits of nearby planetary systems without any cosmic collisions.

Blue Label is a mobile app agency based in NYC, we build apps. While most of our work is client focused, we like to take time each year to develop and launch our own mobile app ideas. While we started our building social networking and photo sharing types of apps, over time we’ve moved more and more into mobile gaming. In 2013, we dipped our toes in with our first mobile game Pig. By 2014, we had rolled our pant legs up and strolled deeper with Word Hack our mobile spin on Hangman. Now in 2015, you can find us skinny dipping in the deep end with Orbit Path, our first true mobile arcade game built in Unity2D.

We’re in a limited beta right now, but for those of you who might be interested look for us on the Apple and Google app stores in February 2016. Until then, check back as we give you an inside look on our journey from idea to app.

Bobby Gill
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at BlueLabel | + posts

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