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Pokémon Go & Your Brand: What You Should Consider

Bobby Gill | July 14, 2016

Pokémon Go was released just last week and Nintendo’s valuation jumped up to $7.5 billion. Brands are getting in on the action on social media (for better or worse), and everyone’s wondering how to integrate or be a part of it. As the saying goes, “if you can’t beat ’em join ‘em,” or in this case, “catch ’em.” Whenever something like this comes from out of nowhere, the initial reaction is shock and then amazement and even some anguish in not thinking of the idea first.

The truth is, this is just the beginning. Pokémon Go opened up an entirely new adventure for what’s yet to come in the world of Augmented Reality. From location signals, to (truly) social elements, to global fanfare and press, it’s really a marketer’s dream. Integration is one solution. Finding sponsored opportunities to connect within the Pokémon Go app is another. However, there’s going to be a need for more creation of this sort, sooner rather than later. Not copycats, but something similar, getting bigger and better each time. The joke’s been made, and we’ve all laughed at it, but it’s true — move over “We’re the Uber of dot dot dot”, and let’s gear ourselves up for the “We’re the Pokémon Go of….[you name it].”

This is a good thing. All Magikarp jokes aside, there are very useful applications that can spin off from the Pokémon Go model. We can think of more than a dozen applications in which a Pokémon Go type app can apply. Event organizers, trade shows, and exhibitors now have a way to congregate attendees to a specific area helping to make more strategic connections amongst guests. Imagine an integration with beacons inside a store and being able to understand how shoppers are engaging in each aisle. CPG brands and retailers could offer augmented reality coupons, tips and reviews while customers are approaching their products in-store. Other applications can revolve around education and learning experiences. If you’re a tourist in a new city, you can walk up to certain landmarks with your own personal augmented reality tour guide in hand.

You don’t even have to recreate the wheel, Pokémon Go was a nostalgia for many who grew up with the characters during their childhood. Think of a classic game like Monopoly and taking players on an adventure through their very own neighborhood with Rich Uncle Pennybags. AMC can finally transport us into the world of Rick Grimes’ and zombies in The Walking Dead. More applications like this will bring clusters of people together in ways we never could have imagined. What other augmented reality apps await us? The possibilities are endless and we’re glad that Pokémon Go has opened up this new reality within Augmented Reality.

This is an exciting time!

If you think you have an idea that’s the next “Pokémon Go of …[you name it]” let the team at Blue Label Labs know and we’ll build it for you.


Bobby Gill
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at BlueLabel | + posts

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