App Launch: ShuPlug, this one is for the sneakerheads

By Jennifer Nelson on March 1, 2017

ShuPlug sneaker app

If you’ve been to SneakerCon and loved every moment of it, then the ShuPlug app is the obvious next step into your sneaker set of “must-haves.” ShuPlug was created by sneakerheads for sneakerheads.

We worked with the team at ShuPlug to build a marketplace app for sneaker lovers that are looking to buy and sell the latest shoes in the marketplace. The setup is easy to understand, ShuPlug partners with official consignment stores and verified resellers nationwide to give sneaker-fans access to buy the latest sneakers out in the marketplace.


The app was created to make selling and buying easier for both sides. ShuPlug also partnered with Fedex to make the shipping process seamless and easy, eliminating any friction that can often happen in many shoe deals and negotiations. The process is all vetted through ShuPlug. Fakes and scams, forget about it!


Real Time Chat

What’s really nice about the app is that it has a built-in community platform which allows members to chat and negotiate in one easy accessable screen within the app itself. The community also serves as an update space so everyone can stay up to speed on the latest sneaker trends and build sneaker relationships while doing so.


News Stand

Finally, the app has a handy feature that let’s users keep track of sneakers they want with the wishlist. Users can get notified when their sneaker is available in the market place.

Need we say more, sneakerheads? Download the app today!


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