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Blue Label Labs Makes SoftwareWorld’s Top Global List!

Natasha Singh | April 10, 2019



Well, by that we mean we were recently ranked one of the top mobile app developers in the world. That is, the whole wide world.


SoftwareWorld released a list of the best around the globe and we are honored to have a spot at number nineteen out of fifty-one of the most outstanding developers of mobile applications worldwide. We’re talking the entire planet, pole to pole.


Self-promotion can feel cringey, but when you score a 97 out of 100, you have to stick it on the fridge. And that’s the grade we were given on SoftwareWorld’s website, so here we are, slapping a magnet on it and throwing it up, front and center.


In their blurb about us, SoftwareWorld added a quote from one of Blue Label Labs’ many satisfied customers worldwide:


“Blue Label’s team designed an exceptional app that has increased usage eightfold. In the first week of its launch, the app ranked No. 2 for news apps in iTunes.”

– Ashlin Ocampo


They also reminded their website visitors that Blue Label Labs maintains its standing as one of the best on Earth with nearly 150 mobile application patents in just under six years of business.


Despite the levity, we are truly honored to have Blue Label Labs listed in the top twenty best in the world. SoftwareWorld “did thorough research starting from market research to the skill sets of the developers in the company to the client base to the portfolio to the reviews by clients and staffs to the pricing and at the end the time duration for completion of one project.”


Here at Blue Label Labs, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. As a result of our unique design approach and the diverse perspectives of our talented team of senior developers, designers and project managers we create unparalleled technology products. And thanks to our team’s stellar work – this grade will be staying on the fridge until we run out of room.



Natasha Singh
+ posts

Senior iOS Developer at Blue Label Labs

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