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Why Is Virtual Reality The Future Of App Development?

Bobby Gill | May 10, 2018

Virtual reality technology has improved substantially in recent years. Partially, this is due to the rise of wearable headsets and other hardware designed specifically for VR apps. What these specific advancements reflect is a larger trend for more accurate and efficient VR development.

These products offer users dynamic experiences that traditional mobile apps can’t. That’s why more and more organizations across a wide range of industries are shifting their attention to VR app development. By partnering with VR developers or VR development companies, they’re able to create products and experiences their customers can’t get anywhere else.

It’s becoming clear that VR application development may represent the next logical step in digital experiences. Businesses that take advantage of this emerging technology now stand to benefit in several key ways.

Why VR Development is Important for Companies

It’s important to understand that many businesses have already used VR tech or explored VR app development to improve marketing campaigns, provide unique user experiences, and even train new employees.

For example, Mercedes generated hype for a new vehicle prior to its release by allowing users to escape into a 360-degree video of the car driving through Miami. Mercedes immersed users in the video with VR development, mimicking the actual passenger experience.

VR development companies can also help businesses market their overall brand. Instead of promoting a specific product, The North Face offered customers the opportunity to explore Yosemite National Park in a virtual environment.

According to Eric Oliver, director of digital marketing at the North Face, “Every brand wants to forge an emotional connection with its customers. Our brand mission is to inspire a life of exploration, so we felt like this was a great way to enhance our storytelling, use technology and transport people to the outdoors.” Other companies can use VR app development to a similar effect, allowing users to participate in virtual experiences that reflect their brand.

VR developers don’t just offer the potential to improve branding and marketing campaigns, though. Wal-Mart has used VR to prepare employees for tremendous Black Friday crowds. They simulate the kinds of experiences employees might have on such a busy day, giving them a chance to train ahead of time.

Other businesses, like KFC and UPS, have partnered with VR development companies to implement virtual training programs. This reduces training costs and boosts the odds that new employees will be prepared for their roles.

The Real Benefits of VR App Development

No matter what industry you work in, coordinating with a VR developer to create an app is a smart move.

That’s because VR development offers major benefits to both companies and their customers. Major brands are already saving money and improving overall employee performance with virtual training programs made by VR development companies. They’re also using this technology to market new products and cultivate a brand.

As more organizations recognize these benefits, they’ll embrace VR tech. As more customers encounter VR application development and the experiences they offer, they’ll start to expect them.

VR app development is poised to change digital experiences in ways both big and small. Now’s the time to find out how you can take advantage of them by contacting a VR developer.

Bobby Gill
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at BlueLabel | + posts

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