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Expert Machine Learning
App Development


Machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) are two fields of artificial intelligence (AI) that are rapidly gaining momentum as practical tools that can be used by mobile and web app developers to solve difficult computing problems. They also have numerous potential uses in a range of industries and sectors, from healthcare to logistics. That’s why professionals throughout the world are coordinating with AI app development companies and machine learning development companies to create AI and ML apps that leverage these innovations.

At BlueLabel, our team of engineers, data scientists, ML developers, and AI developers have recognized the power of machine learning and deep learning. We are an AI app development company that is on the leading edge of integrating AI-powered algorithms. As such, we leverage this technology into the development of mobile apps, websites, and IoT services. We’ve used AI techniques to solve difficult problems such as natural language processing and personalized recommendations. We also seamlessly integrate AI and ML into products that users love.

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Who We Are

BlueLabel is a digital product agency that specializes in turning our clients’ visions into beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed, revenue-generating products. Along with such traditional services as Android and iOS app development, we also offer AI and machine learning development services.

Headquartered in New York City, our team of over 65 product thinkers are committed to helping our clients take their businesses to the next level by unlocking the potential of products built on mobile, web, and IoT services. We are recognized experts in iPhone, Android, and web development. And, we are a machine learning development company that has expertise in developing and integrating AI-powered algorithms into our products. If you’re looking for AI and machine learning developers you can trust to deliver results, you’ve found them. Whether you’re interested in using machine learning in healthcare, AI app development in retail, or AI/machine learning development in virtually any other field, we can help.

AI Development Capabilities


Recommendation Engines

As a top AI development company, we have nearly a decade of experience building recommendation engines used across a number of mobile apps and websites, from social networks to restaurant finders to media recommendations. We have experience using a wide variety of machine learning and deep learning techniques, such as collaborative filtering and convolutional neural networks to build and integrate recommendation engines into mobile and web apps.

This is one of the most significant reasons to hire a machine learning company like ours. Surveys indicate today’s consumers crave personalized experiences. With help from ML developers, you can offer your customers an unprecedented degree of personalization.

Natural Language Processing

Understanding human speech and deriving meaning from it is one of the most challenging problems in computer science. At BlueLabel, our expert AI developers are skilled at applying both machine learning and traditional programming approaches to solving natural language problems. From building a set of voice-powered assistants underlying the Howl security systems, to creating the patented VoiceTrak algorithm underlying the PromptSmart iPad teleprompter, we have a deep wealth of experience in natural language processing.

Image Recognition

Deep learning techniques such as convolutional neural networks have made breathtaking strides in image recognition. Our team of machine learning developers at BlueLabel has experience building mobile apps that integrate powerful image recognition technology built using deep learning. From identifying species of fish within an image to apps that are able to detect the color of makeup in a photo, we bring to bear the latest in machine learning concepts to solve a wide swatch of image recognition problems.

The Tools of a Top Machine Learning Development Company



At BlueLabel, we understand that the correct application of machine learning not only requires the programming knowledge to create and integrate these ML models. It also is necessary to have the skill sets required to collect, analyze, and collate the appropriate data sets necessary to make these models work. Our team of data scientists and expert ML developers leverage tools such as Pandas and NumPy to analyze large datasets and derive insights necessary to prepare and train various machine learning and deep learning models.


Google’s TensorFlow framework is recognized as the cutting edge framework for the programmatic application of machine learning and deep learning. Our team at BlueLabel leverages the Python programming language in conjunction with TensorFlow for developing, training, and validating our machine learning models. Through TensorFlow, we can take advantage of a wide variety of machine learning concepts, from Support Vector Machines to Convolutional Neural Networks, to power our machine learning app development products. In addition to TensorFlow, our AI developers have experience working with the PyTorch and Fast.AI machine learning frameworks.


CoreML is Apple’s on device machine learning execution engine for iOS. For applications where performance and response times are critical, our engineers and machine learning developers apply CoreML so that models constructed using TensorFlow and PyTorch are run directly on the iOS device, rather than being purely server hosted. This ensures a smooth and efficient user experience.

Our experience with CoreML along with TensorFlow allows our team to create apps powered by machine learning that take advantage of models generated with TensorFlow and the processing power of iOS devices to create machine learning based insights that are not only accurate but also delivered quickly.

AI is rapidly evolving as a means of solving difficult computation problems as the increased power of computers, the availability of large data sets and the development of programming frameworks has brought the power of machine learning and deep learning techniques into the hands of regular developers. At BlueLabel, we are a team of product designers, developers, data scientists that not only understand how to craft beautiful products that users love but also know to integrate the power of machine learning and deep learning effectively into both mobile and web apps to bring a new level of intelligence into every product we build.

Reach out to us to see how our team can bring leverage the power of machine learning to bring your product to life.