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Hyer is an on-demand, 2-sided marketplace for sourcing vetted, reliable labor

The Hyer platform provides a secure, flexible and scalable platform for companies to search for, book and pay on-demand and seasonal labor needs. Over the past 10 years, the “Gig Economy” has gone from an oddity to now a generally accepted mode of hiring and providing labor.

When the Hyer team came to us, they had in mind to disrupt the on-demand labor space which had been dominated at that point by services such as Postmates and Jive. The Hyer team wanted to create a flexible 2-sided marketplace that enabled any business, no matter the size or industry vertical, to have a simple to use platform with a vetted labor pool from which to source workers for short term assignments and tasks, such as performing deliveries, stocking shelves and assembling signage.

The Blue Label team partnered with Hyer to take their concepts from a series of Powerpoint slides into an MVP in the market by the end of the year. Within six months, the Hyer app helped the team successfully pilot their service with a major nationwide grocer (Meijer), one of the US’ largest beverage producers (Pepsi) and by the end of the year had become the primary nationwide labor provider.

Design, Build and Deploy

How We Created the Hyer App

Our creative team partnered with the Hyer in-house designers to create a flexible and quick user experience (UX) along with a simple visual design (UI) to make it very simple for workers to sign up and become active labor on the Hyer app. At the same time we needed to design a UI that was customizable and flexible enough to meet the many different requirements for job fulfillment across the various industries they looked to serve.

In designing the UX we first defined the conceptual underpinnings which we would use to talk about the app and how it would be used, what we like to call the “nouns” and “verbs’ of the app. As an outcome of this process, we landed on the concepts of “Tasker”, “Consumers” and “Tasks”. Taskers represented Users who would be performing work in Hyer. Consumers are the Users who would be creating jobs and looking for labor assistance. Finally we settled on the term “Task” to represent the unit of work within the Hyer app: Consumers post Tasks in Hyer which are then fulfilled by Taskers.

Hyer app screenshots

Background Checks

Performing On-Demand Background Checks Directly on the Hyer App with Chekr

An important part of developing any on-demand marketplace is having a trusted pool of labor that can be relied on by the companies and individuals using the platform. In building the Hyer app, we selected Chekr to provide the background check services necessary to onboard and vet any new Taskers to the system. Using the Chekr web API, we seamlessly integrated the background check process into the onboarding experience of the app. No Tasker is able to accept any jobs until they have gone through a full background check run, a process which is visualized and accomplished completely within the Hyer mobile app.

Facilitating Mobile Payments through Stripe

To enable a seamless payment flow from Customers to Taskers, we selected Stripe as the preferred payment processor for the Hyer app. Leveraging Stripe as the E-POS, we have built a flexible payment model which allows Customers to use credit cards and bank accounts to pay for any Tasks they create on the system. Through Stripe’s Connect service, the Hyer team is able to deduct the necessary platform and service fees from each transaction on the system.

Each week, every Tasker receives a deposit straight to their bank account with their earnings for the previous week, all handled by the Stripe Connect feature. Furthermore, to facilitate engagements with larger enterprises the Hyer platform leverages Stripe’s Invoicing feature to track and generate weekly invoices for customers who would rather be billed through an invoice rather than pay via credit card.

Featured Highlights

Twilio integration for SMS communication

Dual login

Secure payments via Stripe

Background checks performed by Chekr

Dynamic pricing algorithm

Real-time analytics through Firebase

The Results

Working together with the Hyer team, our team of product designers, project managers and software engineers were able to rapidly iterate and develop an iOS MVP of the Hyer app that went live in production within 5 months of commencing the project. Using the feedback from this pilot, we worked with the Hyer team to complete the initial product development, which included an Android app and a management portal, and roll the Hyer app out nationwide within 9 months.

The success of the Hyer product and team has been further validated as it has recently ousted its primary competitor Jive to become the primary supplier of on-demand labor for the Meijer chain of 244 grocery stores nationwide. Today, Hyer also serves as a major labor supplier to PepsiCo.

4.8 out 5 star App Store rating from over 1000 user-submitted reviews.

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