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MLBPA Launches On App Store & Google Play

Natasha Singh | May 6, 2019

For those dealing with the brutal cold of this unforgiving whether, the words “play ball” are a welcome sign of hope that we will soon be sitting in the sunny stands enjoying peanuts and cracker jacks with the rest of the baseball dreamers.

Pitchers and catchers are reporting to camp in March, while the Cactus League and Grapefruit League start swinging at the end of February, so we are pleased to announce the timely release of the MLBPA mobile app, available on  iOS and Google Play now.

The Major League Baseball Players Association app will allow all PA members to connect on a platform made just for them. Signing in with their pre-existing MLBPA account will allow access to all of the latest PA announcements, news, updates, collective bargaining information and licensing frameworks.

While this release only applies to MLB players, we wanted to recognize how important this development is to the Association. Before today, there did not exist a space for members to have easy access to one another as well as information about their organization.

The Major League Baseball Players Association has a long history of standing up for the rights of its members, including past, present and future players. The Association is the certified bargaining representative of all MLB players and enables them collectively to defend and advance their workplace conditions, benefits, rights and common interests.

Additionally, the MLBPA is responsible for playing a significant role in non-profit work. Sports Illustrated recently published an article announcing the MLB and the MLBPA will donate a combined $500,000 through 2021 in an effort to end human trafficking.

It is so important to us at Blue Label Labs to work on projects that we believe in. In this case, well, we love baseball to begin with, but mostly we are proud to help develop technology that furthers communities, fights on behalf of important causes, and brings people together. By working with the MLBPA to provide its members with a platform to share, learn and advance the causes important to them, we help to better the MLB, both on and off the field.

Natasha Singh
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Senior iOS Developer at Blue Label Labs

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