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What Do People Really Think About iOS 7?

When Apple released it’s new operating system, iOS7, back in September, consumers and critics were divided in opinion. But now, we’ve spoken to real users of the software to tell…

October 16, 2013
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4 Big Design Changes in iOS 7 that Every App Developer Should Know

Almost every part of iOS received a new coat of paint in iOS 7, but the changes go deeper than just the visuals. Apple’s latest update to iOS marks the…

September 26, 2013
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iOS 7 Beta 3 Brings New Opportunities for iOS App Developers

Will the new iOS7 present more opportunities for App developers? Apparently, it’s a big “yes”. At the risk of understatement, the opportunity in “apps” is staggering. As Lim Yung-Hui, a contributor…

July 10, 2013