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An Innovator Is Always A Risk Taker

Natasha Singh | June 13, 2019


Today it often feels like people and companies alike are talking just to make noise and get noticed, regardless of the content of their message.

While it is important to stay relevant in this loud world, here at Blue Label Labs we take pride in making sure every one of our words and actions are deliberate and done for a reason. Just like the economy ebbs and flows, so too do the trends in technology. Currently, we live in an era of twenty-four hour news cycles, endless social media scrolling, and three-hundred hours of video being uploaded to Youtube every single minute. The content is never-ending, but we all know that doesn’t mean any addition to the modern chorus is necessary or worthwhile.

Are you judging me?

No matter the industry, there is always risk in developing a business with innovation at its core. By putting yourself out there, whether you’re a small or big business, you consent to being judged (hopefully in all fairness) with the intent of showcasing your differentiators, abilities and effectiveness.

Nothing good comes easy, just like mom said.

As experienced New York mobile app developers, we know that our success is earned through hard work and consistent positive relationships with our clients, resulting in high marks in our field. We live to push the boundaries of the “norm” in order to innovate.

We identify with the kid in high school that followed her passion and even though she might’ve been pushed into the lockers a few times, she worked hard and advanced in her own creative field. It’s not always flowers and roses when you do what you love, but when you stick to it and have the required chops, sometimes life will hand you a glass of lemonade.

“What should I Google?” “How about ‘iPhone app development New York’”

When potential clients are searching how to find a programmer or looking into how to find an app developer, they often don’t know what questions to ask or how to differentiate one digital product developer from another. We love to meet people at this stage, to help guide them through the murky waters of app development.  As we have said before, often our clients come to us with only a concept and they look to us not just to develop their digital project, but to use our experience to shepherd them through its conceptualization and design to bring their vision to a successful reality. Ultimately, we want their business because we believe we have something special to offer them design.

What makes you so special?

There is a reason we’ve been collectively ranked 4.8 out of 5 by our clients, we have worked to find the sweet spot in mobile app development. This journey has involved trial and error and resulted in the place we find ourselves today, where we’re using design sprints to efficiently distill ideas, employing the best of the best, working with clients we believe in and putting our all into every project.


Natasha Singh
+ posts

Senior iOS Developer at Blue Label Labs

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