If you’re a serious mobile gamer, then you’ve probably missed out on several in-app events. Are you frustrated with trying to play when the server is down, or do you keep missing out on sales of those resources that you desperately need? GamerCal was created to save your day.

GamerCal app

We’re proud to announce the launch of GamerCal on the Apple iTunes app store.

“GamerCal is designed to help you never miss an advantage and beat out the competition.”

GamerCal app

Want to know how it works?

GamerCal notifies players when limited time offers, sales, in-game events, server maintenance, and more are occurring across all their favorite mobile games. Pick your favorite games, select the events you care about, when you want to be notified – and GamerCal does the rest!

GamerCal app

A few games that are being tracked as we write this include: PokémonGo, Super Mario Run, Seven Knights, DOT Arena, Dragon Soul, Clash Royal, and tons of more.

Download this lifesaving app today!


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