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The Pre:Sprint

Set up your project for responsible innovation by kicking-off with a Pre:Sprint.

The Pre:Sprint takes place before running a Design Sprint or creating a product Strategy. It provides your organization with strategic alignment on purpose and success criteria that help guide responsible and ethical product decisions.

The Process

The Pre:Sprint is a critical part of the product planning & development process for any business adopting a commitment to responsible innovation.
It ensures that your product initiative meets the ethical standards that modern consumers, partners, and investors expect to see.

A bird’s eye view of the Pre:Sprint.

Our proprietary framework consists of workshops that ensure your team is aligned on purpose, mission, ethical commitments, and success criteria prior to launching your initiative. No matter what sector or industry your digital product touches, the Pre:Sprint helps your organization manage the impact of your product on the world.

With a Pre:Sprint, you’ll gain guardrails against blind spots that can cause unintended harm to others, and ultimately to your organization’s reputation. These guardrails include customized tools that you can take away with you to guide key decisions throughout the product development process.

The Pre:Sprint framework is exclusive to BlueLabel Labs via a partnership with the innovation team Falbe & Junell.

Innovation and Ethical Design expert Trine Falbe, and BlueLabel’s Director of Innovation and Strategy
Tanya Junell, developed the Pre:Sprint to help businesses address the emerging needs around responsible innovation in product development.

It is intended to inform product strategy, planning, and design so that products are created with an ethical mindset in order to meet new and globally recognized standards of responsible design.

Why run a Pre:Sprint?

The Pre:Sprint demonstrates your organization’s commitment to responsible innovation. In 6 hours, your stakeholders and product leaders will collaborate to align on the best ways your organization can commit to planning and building an ethical and purposeful product.

This is a quick pathway to understanding any unintentional biases, and creating custom success criteria that can be leveraged as ethical checkpoints during critical decision making regarding your product. As a bonus, the Pre:Sprint is also an efficient method of empowering individual contributors within your organization to act with a sense of responsibility through the decisions they make.

This responsible contributor mindset will be critical for all 2030 projects, and for every organization’s success moving forward.

When to run a Pre:Sprint?
Pre:Sprint in the product cycle

Is a Pre:Sprint right for your organization?

The Pre:Sprint is perfect for any organization that feels a need to think, strategize, and plan more responsibly for the new products and services they bring to the market.
If your organization values ethical choices and responsible innovation this is a concrete way to put that commitment into action.

All products that complete a Pre:Sprint will receive a badge to display alongside your product that lets the world know you innovate with care.

Key Benefits of a Pre:Sprint

Responsible Innovation
Ethical Design
Ethical Development
Alignment on Purpose
Guardrails against harm
Launch 2030 Projects
Scalable Application
Success Criteria
Impact Analysis

What Outcome Should I Expect?

After the Pre:Sprint you will have a clear understanding of the ethical considerations for your product. Your team will have aligned on a clear purpose statement and success criteria that act as guides throughout the product planning and development efforts.

We select the best talent for your Pre:Sprint – our team understands how to foster unity through years of experience. Our people know the process and work with your team to help you understand your goals, develop a strategy then create a fantastic product.

Let BlueLabel Lead Your Pre:Sprint.

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