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El Dorado App

An innovative travel app serving the 40th busiest airport in the world

El Dorado Airport

The Client


El Dorado Airport


UX Design, UI Design, iPhone Development & Android Phone Development

The official airline app of the El Dorado Airport in Bogotá, Colombia

In 2015, El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Colombia approached BlueLabel to design and develop a set of iOS and Android apps for visitors to the 44th busiest airport in the world.

The airport began the project with the desire to build an eye-catching app that not only made it easy for visitors to travel through the airport and monitor their flight status, but also served to showcase the variety of vendors and service providers available within the airport.

The official airline app of the El Eorado Airport in Bogotá, Colombia

Design, Build and Deploy

Building both iOS and Android apps for El Dorado

Initially, the airport had worked with a local app development team to create the El Dorado. However, after two months of struggling to overcome the technical and design challeneges of the project, the airport approached BlueLabel to take over development of the iOS and Android apps.

The BlueLabel app development team was tasked with a tough challenge: design, build and deploy the first iOS version of the El Dorado airline app within eight weeks.

The BlueLabel team finished the app in six weeks.

User Experience

The BlueLabel app development team created an experience that focused on the core needs of an airport traveler: navigation, flight tracking, and service directory.

The airline app gives users quick access to critical flight status and airport navigation functionalities through a simple swipe-to-reveal slide out menu, no matter where they are in the app.

Launch Screen

Launch Screen





Departures & Arrivals

Departures & Arrivals


The BlueLabel team and the airport settled on a blue-yellow color theme that was both visually gentle on bleary-eyed travelers and evocative of the Colombian national identity.

The design of the airline app leverages these colors along with a stylized sans-serif font and use of vibrant images to present a clean and simple app design.




Pinpoint Your Location

iBeacon Navigation

A challenge faced by the BlueLabel app development team was in providing a reliable indoor-navigation system to help travelers chart their course through the airport. Leveraging cutting edge Bluetooth iBeacon navigation, BlueLabel teamed up with the MapsPeople indoor-navigation framework to deploy a Bluetooth iBeacons system across the airport and then integrate it with a custom mapping and navigation system built into the iOS and Android apps.

With a single tap a user of the El Dorado airline app is quickly able to pinpoint their position within the airport down to a 10-meter radius and then be provided with turn-by-turn directions to her gate or desired vendor.

Pinpoint your position down to a 10-meter radius

MapsPeople Integration Blue Label Labs

Be in the “Know”

Flight Tracking

Another challenge faced by the BlueLabel app development team was the integration of real-time information into the app. The BlueLabel team worked with local airport authorities to connect the El Dorado airline app to a live feed of flight data published by the airport’s internal systems.

Through this feed, the BlueLabel app development team was able to integrate a real-time listing of all flights leaving and arriving the airport-including information on delays, cancellations and gate information-directly with the app. BlueLabel further enhanced this functionality by creating an opt-in, real-time alert feature, giving travelers throughout the airport the peace of mind of knowing that the El Dorado airline app will notify them immediately of any flight status changes.


After efficient movement of aircraft, the next most important function of an airport is to keep passengers informed, well-fed and entertained.

The El Dorado airline app features a directory of all airline offices, shops, restaurants, services, and government entities. Helping those establishments to be more visible was a chief goal of the airport. The El Dorado in-app directory provides links to websites and in-app maps / navigation to the selected location, making the directory a useful tool for any visitor.

Featured Highlights

Flight Tracking

Up-to-the-minute flight status


Custom listing of all shops, restaurants and service providers with branding and promotional capabilities


Detailed maps of the airport with indoor navigation and directions using Bluetooth beacons

Transit & Parking

Transit directions and up-to-the-minute parking spot availability and cost information

App & Airport Feedback

Streamlined way to provide app and airport feedback

Live Customer Service

Direct chat with a customer service agent

The Results

The BlueLabel app development team, facing both timeline pressure and technical challenges, was able to successfully deliver a suite of apps that showcases Bogotá’s El Dorado Airport as one of the leading international gateways in the world.

The El Dorado Airport iOS and Android apps have set the bar for what an airline app should be.

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