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Business Tech: Essential Or A Fad?

Natasha Singh | May 20, 2019

Business technology has evolved exponentially over the past twenty years


Unless you’re six years old and running a lemonade stand on the side of the street, your business likely requires technology in order to function and be successful.

Business technology has adapted and developed enormously over the past 20 years – and the speed at which modern technology is evolving continues to accelerate. If you don’t update your phone biweekly, you’re lagging behind!

The rise of artificial intelligence and automation technology, especially in big business companies, can make smaller operations feel like they are at a competitive disadvantage without the expensive upgrades that these large companies can easily afford. The truth is, as long as your business idea is unique and customers find it useful, all you need are the basics.

Basic technology doesn’t mean a fax machine and a printer any longer.

If you want to reach the Millennials – or really anyone under 50 – it is vital to incorporate digital technology as a means to business development. Not only can it increase productivity, allow for remote work, enhance marketing, but it can also work to keep your information and your customers’ information safe.

Here at Blue Label Labs we are all about clean and simple. We love bells and whistles, but only when they serve a purpose. When we build apps for businesses, our goal is to help them run their company in an easier, improved fashion, allowing for greater growth and advanced potential.

Know the purpose – don’t just make an app to make an app.

Small businesses often employ apps for the ease of mobile payments, as they find this feature to be the most valuable aspect of having a company app. Yet only 42% of small businesses currently have a mobile app, with 30% planning to build one in the future. Some businesses will find an app to be a great advantage, increasing sales, improving outreach – but for others, an app may only incur a cost that doesn’t show a return.

At Blue Label Labs we spend concentrated time with clients during the Design Sprint phase in order to gain a deep knowledge of their idea for an app. We move forward in the process once we have specific situations and users in mind, thereby reducing risk and heightening the understanding of features and priorities that truly matter. Your victories are our victories.

So if it seems like your business could benefit from a mobile app – come talk to us!

We’re here to use our years of experience to help find out what will be best for you.


Natasha Singh
+ posts

Senior iOS Developer at Blue Label Labs

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