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How To Find The Right Mobile App Developer

Bobby Gill | March 27, 2017

We always feel honored when Blue Label Labs is mentioned and named amongst a list of top mobile app development companies. recently mentioned us in their latest roundup of Top 20 Mobile App Development firms in NYC. It’s not easy finding an app development company, and even harder to find one in NYC when there are many firms available at your disposal. Frankly, trying to find a qualified mobile app development company in New York City might be just as hard as trying to find a decent apartment in NYC. As puts it:


“New York is a city unlike any other in the world. The old adage, “The City that Never Sleeps” isn’t just a cute sounding catchphrase, it’s the truth. New York is a 24 hour, 7 days a week kind of place, where nothing ever switches off or even slows down. The developers there have inherited this culture, and are known for being exceptionally hard workers. If that wasn’t enough, you’ve also got Silicon Alley, the home of New York’s bustling startup and tech sphere that includes companies like Shutterstock and Verizon.” 


How to find the right mobile app development company


When it comes to choosing a mobile app development firm, we agree that you should look out for key signals that matter to your business. Be sure to ask the right questions and meet the team that would be working on your app. Important elements that you would want to find out include:

Does the app development company understand (or have interest in) your business goals?

This is an important one. While you should be interviewing your development team, your development team should also be interviewing you. They should have a curiosity in your business and have a strong interest in your business goals and helping you to achieve those goals. The last thing that you need is a developer that will say yes to every request, while not thinking about the implications that it will have on your business or the app itself. Your app development company should act as your consultant, or better yet, your business partner.

View their portfolio

You should review the development projects and clients that the team has worked with in the past. Viewing the portfolio is less about numbers and more about quality. You want a team that has delivered exceptional quality for their clients. Ask to speak to references on projects that they’ve worked on. Find out how communicative and responsive the team was with that project.

Ask about their approach

It’s important to understand how the development team works and how they will work with you. Process is important when it comes to an app development build. No two apps are the same, and your app most certainly has a special uniqueness to it. Find out the team’s process and what they will have in place when building your app.

Price is important, but quality is key

Of course we all want to shoot for the most affordable price within our budget, if not lower than our budget. However, you want to ensure that you are choosing an app developer that meets your overall needs and requirements. Before getting into price, make sure you find out all of the above to truly understand what will be delivered as an end product. A low price might seem attractive, but will this be even more costly for you in the end due to a faulty process and inexperienced team? A higher price might exude the best of the best, but is this mostly comprised of high overhead cost and administrative fees that have nothing to do with your app? Find a price that’s right for you, but make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

Don’t take our word for it, head over to to find out how to select the right mobile developer for you.

Bobby Gill
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at BlueLabel | + posts

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