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Developing an App For Your B2C Business

Bobby Gill | March 1, 2018

Regardless of what industry you work in, there’s a good chance your B2C business would serve its customers more effectively with a mobile app. However, with that said, not every business needs the same kind of app. The mobile app design that best serves an ecommerce brand will have a different UX and purpose than a banking institution’s mobile app.

In order to figure out the best digital design needs for your brand, you need to coordinate with a mobile app design company. This way, you can determine what existing services you could improve on through professional mobile application development for phones and tablets.

There are pros and cons to releasing this type of product. Professional mobile app developers will help you better understand what they are. More importantly, if you do choose to release an app, they’ll make sure it serves a valuable purpose for you and your customers.

Pros of Mobile App Development for Your Business


Your Customers Expect It

Remember the dawn of the internet? It wasn’t too long ago that the “world wide web” was a fascinating new frontier for those on the cutting edge of technology.

But that didn’t last very long. For years now, it’s been essential for companies both big and small to have an active online presence.

A similar revolution is underway thanks to the rise in popularity of mobile devices. We’ve reached a point where more people are using their phones and tablets to browse the internet, rather than relying on desktop computers.

Thus, more companies are looking to mobile app design. Customers may soon expect other businesses to follow suit. In fact, as more of your customers are likely to be accessing web services via mobile devices, releasing an app offers another benefit you may not have considered.

The Right Mobile App Design Will Keep Users’ Attention

Did you know that approximately 55% of internet users spend, on average, fewer than 15 seconds visiting an individual website before moving on to another? The internet is saturated with content and services; it’s extremely easy to get distracted.

That’s why you may have better success maintaining your audience’s focus through strong mobile application development. When they visit your website, it’s extremely easy for them to open a new tab and head somewhere else the moment the urge to do so strikes. When using an app, they’re more likely to devote their complete attention to the task or content at hand.

Partnering With a Mobile App Design Company Can Lead to Big Returns

Some  brands delay in releasing apps because they assume that a mobile application won’t offer any special features that can’t be inputted into a pre-existing website.

This isn’t necessarily the case. First, an app can send relevant alerts to customers, making it easier to re-engage them.

Second,  any successful mobile application development company will understand that there are certain advantages to creating mobile device-specific technology.  For instance, brands like Sephora and IKEA have developed apps that use augmented reality tech, combined with the smartphone’s camera, to let users “try” virtual products from the comfort of their own homes.

A mobile app development agency can help you identify what specific services you might offer your customers with a mobile product. Again, that doesn’t mean releasing an app is the best route for every business. Possible cons of this approach include the following:

Cons of Mobile Application Development for Your Business


You’re Unprepared for What’s Involved With Mobile App Development

Smaller businesses might not be ready to undergo mobile app development right away. That’s because, no matter how useful your product is, there’s a very good chance you’ll have to make multiple upgrades and adjustments in the future. If you have a small staff, your ability to prepare for these eventualities is limited.

You could overcome these limitations by hiring mobile app developers who emphasize the importance of an agile approach. They can help your company make changes fast. You just need to be ready and able to fund the project.

You’re Trying to Mimic the Competition’s Mobile App Design

Identifying strong traits of a competitor’s app is a smart strategy. Improving on what they already do right can be a very effective way to not only maintain your current customers, but also attract new ones.

However, there’s a difference between improving on what a competitor is doing, and copying them completely. You need to ensure your app offers a unique experience tailored specifically to your audience. This requires understanding how to take advantage of all available technologies. The more familiar you are with what mobile application development can offer, the more likely you are to release one that’s truly valuable.

That’s another reason to hire an experienced mobile app development agency for your product: They won’t just develop the app; they’ll also help you plan and strategize. With expert help, leveraging innovative technology to deliver a superior product is easy. It’s also the best way to release an app your customers will enjoy.

Bobby Gill
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at BlueLabel | + posts

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