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Marketing Strategies from Ryan Merchant of Dashlane

In this installment of Behind the App, Dashlane’s Ryan Merchant shares marketing strategies that get results. Successful marketing, according to Dashlane’s senior marketing manager Ryan Merchant, starts with two questions:…

February 14, 2014
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Creator of Flappy Bird Reacts to Haters

A few weeks ago, Dong Nguyen was just another unknown drop in the  ocean of  developers struggling to scrape by in the iTunes app store. This week he has emerged as…

February 7, 2014
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Interview: What Does It Take to Create the Perfect App?

Earlier this week, Bobby Gill, editor of IdeaToAppster and CEO of Blue Label Labs, sat down with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg TV to talk about what goes into making the perfect…

August 22, 2013