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5 Google Glass App Ideas For Mobile Developers

| September 11, 2013

Google Glass is one of the most talked about technologies of 2013 and it is bringing the concept of wearable technology to the main stream. Just like the iPhone 3G’s release in 2008 set off a massive land rush for app developers to stake out positions in the nascent App Store, the introduction of Google Glass looks to give developers and entrepreneurs another opportunity to create innovative and commercially successful apps. If mobile developers haven’t been paying attention to Google Glass, they should and here’s a list of several ideas that could make useful apps for the technology.

1. Location, Location, Location

One of the best things about Google Glass is that users are able to take it around with them easily, given that it is worn and not carried such as a phone or a tablet With that in mind the potential for a successful location app is huge, especially if it allows users to check in. Not only this but should geo-tagging also be available, fellow Google Glass users could retrace each other’s steps or tag interesting locations for each other, making the tech more useful than just as a fashion accessory.

2.Augmented Reality Gaming

Forget the PS4 and the Xbox One, one way in which the future of gaming is progressing is in alternate reality. The world before you may be great but why not overlay some sort of game over it to make the world as interactive as something like Google Glass can promise us? How much more interesting would Geo Caching be with an augmented reality Google Glass experience?

3. Weather is Key

Another sort of app that is often on devices from the get-go are weather apps and with Google Glass seeing many of its users on the move, it could be vital as ever as users want to know what the weather will do in 30 minutes time as they make their way to their destination.

4. Communication

As stated with the compatibility with phones, Google Glass is actually unable to communicate much outside of the text-based Twitter or Google Hangouts. However, not everyone appreciates 140 character messages or Google’s Hangout tech but other forms of chat, such as Skype or even something similar to Whatsapp (this allows for media and text messaging across mobile devices) would be incredibly useful for users with non-Google Glass-using friends.

5. Picture Perfect

Google Glass has a camera that takes pictures with the simplicity of a voice command, allowing users to send them off to the Internet with ease. It would make sense for Google Glass to have an app that allows for editing them then. For the same reason that Instagram made it big on other mobile devices, an app on Glass could do the same here, especially if it provided more of a comprehensive professional photo editing service than Instagram currently offers. How long before there is a Google Glass equivalent of the Aviary photo editing app?

Are there any other kinds of apps that you’d like to see make their way to Google Glass? Leave a comment below.

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