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“Dish Together”: Meal Choices Made Easy

Natasha Singh | March 7, 2019

Here at Blue Label Labs we live, eat, sleep, breathe all things innovation.

As of this blog, we have built more than 250 game-changing mobile apps and digital products (ahem, humble brag) for technologies that span mobile, tablet and smartwatch to smartTV, augmented reality, virtual reality and IoT.

Thanks to our design process which immerses us in our clients’ worlds, we inevitably have a deep affinity for all the products we create.

Like parents asked to pick a favorite child, it is incredibly difficult, and some may say wildly inappropriate, for us to choose the one we love the most.  But just like parents, we take immense satisfaction in watching our apps leave the nest, grow and flourish.  So, strap yourself in and prepare to begrudgingly say, “you must be so proud,” because just like a mom or dad with a MY KID IS AN HONOR ROLL STUDENT bumper student on their SUV, we’re going to boast about our very own HowUdish.

For those living under a food and fitness rock, HowUdish is the popular, free mobile app that connects users to delicious meals at restaurants based on their nutritional lifestyle. Since its launch just over a year ago, the platform has consistently and seamlessly expanded its offerings – with our help, of course – including the recently added and universally lauded “Dish Together” feature that brings together users based on similar dining and health preferences. Think of it as for fitness foodies. In fact, we know a few folks who have found love, or at least a friend, thanks to the app’s innovative add-on.

Well, HowUdish has done it again, aiming to change the way their users think about food through its partnership with professional athletes in wrestling, basketball, football, MMA and track & field. Thanks to the newest update, users can subscribe to their favorite athletes to learn what meals they eat when dining out to stay in shape. HowUdish’s impressive athlete partners include football player Brandon Marshall, wrestler Jordan Burroughs, MMA fighter Cat Zingano, basketball player Bobby Portis, Crossfit star and fitness influencer Dani Speegle, and track and field’s Queen Harrison.

While the app and its other offerings are free, for a small monthly fee, users can follow the athletes of their choice, giving them the ability to see and imitate the meals of their fitness idols at their favorite restaurants. Although we are fairly certain your emulated diet won’t make you a walk-on for a Superbowl contender, it might help you keep your New Year’s resolution…for once.

Never resting on its laurels, HowUdish continues to up the ante on its service, rising into the rarified air of unique offerings that cannot be found on any other app on your mobile device.  Considering there are millions of apps available at your fingertips, that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment, and one this proud parent will brag about until we are short of breath!

To learn more about the social networking app for food lovers and health enthusiasts, visit the HowUdish website. The app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store.

Natasha Singh
+ posts

Senior iOS Developer at Blue Label Labs

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