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How To Find A Developer To Build Your App In 2022

Bobby Gill | April 7, 2022

Finding a developer to build your app in 2022 is a broad idea that ultimately requires a collection of different skillsets relative to the scope of a project. Every app is different but each needs a variety of different talents to get it from your business plan into the real world.

You have a few different options at your disposal from hiring individuals as needed, handing the software portion off to a design and development lab (or labs), or going with a digital product agency. 

Let’s take a look at each to explain the ins and outs of each setup. 

Table of contents

  1. Hiring a full-time developer near you
  2. Working with a development lab or freelancer
  3. What to look for in an app developer
  4. App development costs

Hiring a full-time developer near you

Ask any tech startup (especially in New York) and they’ll tell you hiring a full-time app programmer is still like trying to find a PS5 at retail price or a new home without a fat price tag from inflation.

how to find an app developer

Source: Jefferson Santos on Unsplash

It’s tough, and unless you have funding to support a full-time programmer’s salary (which is well north of $100k), it will be hard to excite and attract the right talent. 

Remember: many other people have neat ideas that they’re looking to build at any given moment.

The high demand makes the search tedious and if you do happen to find someone, prepare for an experience that parallels that of buying a home in 2022.

None of that is to say you should stop looking for an app developer if you lack the funds to hire one on a full-time basis. Luckily for you, hiring a programmer to work on a contract or freelance basis is much easier! 

Depending on the nature of your product, this may be the smartest method for getting an MVP on the market when you have all your bases covered.

Once the initial app has been developed, there’s a good chance you simply won’t require the services of a programmer in the same capacity any longer. You don’t need to worry about paying a freelance app developer who no longer has any work to do.

Source: Erik Mclean on Unsplash

However, all apps will require maintenance, support, and naturally, new features that will require design and development support.

If you’re going this route, make sure to maintain good rapport with everyone, but especially the people who have the right capacities to help down the road as you’ll need them when the time comes.

Working with a contract dev lab or a freelancer 

When trying to find to outsource to Android and iPhone app developers there are generally two avenues you can go down as you decide how to find an app developer:

Find and hire a freelance or independent developer.


Work with a contract development lab

Which option you select to find mobile app developers depends on your own comfort level with managing your programming project

Working with a freelancer to develop an app

Going down the freelance route works if you know what kind of help you need and you can find the right app developer for the job.

how to find an app developer

Source: Upwork

Platforms such as Guru, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork make finding, hiring, and paying an app developer very simple. They all have some sort of reputation system where you can review a prospect’s past work and read their reviews, plus there are escrow payment systems that minimize the chance of getting ripped off.

Keep in mind that hiring a developer or two and some designers won’t magically make your app appear. You’ll need to manage them and guide your project forward unless you hire and appoint a product manager (PM) for your project. 

Remember there will be a host of issues that will arise and decisions that will have to be made. As such, you have to consider how much time you have to manage a freelancer unless you have the resources for a great product manager.

Otherwise, whether it’s choosing the right technology, designing functionality, or testing the app, you are going to be the one your contractor turns to for answers. 

Why use a development lab? 

If it’s not one of your life goals to become a PM, then you might be better off working with a development lab. Just as it sounds, development labs are companies that have their own developers who will take your requirements and come back to you with an app.

Source: Pixabay

They generally manage themselves to the furthest extent they can and relieve you of the burden of getting into the nitty-gritty of project management. 

While more expensive than the freelancer route, you lower the risk of your project going off the rails because it’s probably not the first app they’ve made (hopefully, at least!)

Development shops come in all looks and sizes; some are small outfits while others are much larger. Labs are found all over the world, from major metropolitan areas like New York to college towns.

For a comprehensive listing of mobile development labs, you can search TheyMakeApps but for more in-depth reviews, be sure to check sites like Clutch – if you follow the link, you’ll see our page which you can use for a reference.

If you’ve never visited Clutch before, worry not as it’s intuitive making it easy to find the info you need. It’s best to look at all reviews but pay attention to the summary and number of “stars” earned out of their 5-point system.

In our case, we work with all kinds of different industries (as do many others) so try to closely examine past work that’s most like your own.

Finding the best talent for your app development needs

In some cases, a company may have the majority of a team in place to build a digital product but need to supplement their efforts by hiring an individual possessing a special skillset to fill a specific role. 

Select agencies are happy to outsource talent to fill in gaps on a contractual basis in these instances. It’s fairly common for companies to need help with design, development, or management to complete a project rather than the whole package. 

Some of the most sought after roles that businesses seek in these scenarios are:

What should you look for in an app developer?

Three crucial things to look for in an app developer:

Creativity: Make sure your app developer doesn’t get hemmed in or go too much by the books though good foundational skills shouldn’t be frowned upon. You need to be able to try new ideas and flexibility goes a long way in app development.

Multilingual programmers: There’s no use in using an app developer who can only “speak” one programming language. Developers usually need to be familiar with the syntax of several app development frameworks as well as those used in web technologies.

Communication: Clear communication is crucial to making sure you’re on the same page and your vision is realized in a timely manner.

How much will building an app cost?

Unless you luck out with an inexperienced (and inexpensive) team that works well together, getting a product to the market will usually require the help of an investor.

The actual cost of developing your app has a ton of different factors to consider but you can check the link for more information. 

If you’re already looking at an app development proposal, we can provide some insight into this process as well.

Blue Label Labs gives you the full agency support

We can help you with everything from research, strategy, design, development, and anything else that an app might require. We’re also malleable enough to help with specific roles or one-off projects.

Each project is different so it’s important businesses make the best possible decisions when deciding on who will design and develop their product. 

If you want to learn more or talk to someone on our team about your project, then get in touch

Bobby Gill
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at BlueLabel | + posts

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