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3 Tips To Find A UI Designer To Help Build Your App In 2021

| February 5, 2021

The design of your software’s interface is paramount to its functionality which is why finding a great UI designer is so critical. The UI furnished by your software is key to its success – as a primary responsibility of the UI designer, sourcing the best talent will maximize the look and feel of an app, resulting in optimal user satisfaction and retention rates.

A UI designer is responsible for creating a purposeful, functional aesthetic for a digital product, thus allowing developers to create functionality for design elements that bring the software to life. As such, UI designers play a key role in defining and creating the baseline for how a product will ultimately perform. In the following, we’re going to take a look at three of the most important factors to consider when seeking a UI designer.

3 tips to find a UI designer in 2021

At Blue Label Labs, the UI designer reports to the Product Manager (PM) who leads the project and is further responsible for signing off on all design prospects. An ideal UI designer will possess the following qualities.

Ability to capture vision through visual design and presentation. The best candidates for this role possess skills that allow them to synthesize models for a digital product by understanding a client’s vision as it relates to their customer’s needs. Here, a UI is determined through listening and understanding which serves as the starting point for the UI designer to generate mockups and eventually, definitive designs – in one example, it’s important to understand the need for grayscale wireframes and the process of working up to full-color designs. This individual combines their knowledge of realistic parameters with the proposed UX to produce a practical, visually pleasing design template that communicates to the client how the product will look as well as gives developers the tools they need to begin building.

Superb communication skills with management and developers. While communication is crucial for virtually every role in software development, UI designers need to be able to articulate technical information between developers, PMs, and the client. They can explain the problem-solving process they use when constructing responsive designs using language that everyone can understand. This is especially important when certain designs or layouts have been optimized for the UX but there is some necessary deviation from the client or PM’s expectations.

Skilled in testing and revising based on feedback. Continually adapting to user feedback allows businesses to optimize their product based on real use cases. UI designers need to have the foresight to be able to design early iterations while considering the future of a product based on its roadmap as well as proposed changes that surface from feedback. They should be flexible enough to be able to seamlessly integrate revised and new designs into a product by incorporating feedback that will serve to improve the overall UX.

Finding a UI designer

The UI designer is a crucial component of any software development endeavor as their role is entrusted with the responsibility of creating the visual framework of a product that developers use to create the underlying functionality. UI designers should be excellent communicators as this allows them to convey vital information about their process to other parties. UI designers should be adept at using modern tools for this role including Sketch, Figma, Illustrator, and InVision which are our bread and butter at Blue Label Labs.   

Blue Label Labs provides best-in-class design talent

Blue Label Labs recognizes context is everything and user feedback is invaluable. What we learn allows us to tailor the design to perfectly fit your users. Our UI designers are adept at capturing the feeling described by our clients into beautiful, responsive designs that truly engage users. For more information on our development process or to discuss an idea, feel free to reach out to learn more.

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