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3 Find A Product Manager (PM) To Help You Build Your App In 2021

| February 24, 2021

One of the most valuable assets in developing software is the leadership of a great product manager (PM) who guides cross-functional teams by defining strategy, setting the roadmap, and wearing all the hats necessary to develop and support a fantastic product. These individuals motivate team members, keep the project on track, and possess the technical acumen to understand each process required to produce an effective digital product.

A PM is responsible for bridging the efforts of the UI/UX designers, branding team, and technical product manager who leads the development teams, further serving as the main point of contact for a client. They also work with marketing teams to help communicate value in collateral responsible for engaging and converting prospects into users. 

At Blue Label Labs, the PM is the CEO of the project as they ensure all disciplines and teams are aligned to deliver results that meet our client’s expectations. Here, we’re going to look into three of the many valuable traits a successful PM needs to possess to get the best results.

3 tips to find a Product Manager in 2021

At Blue Label Labs, our PMs serve as the driver for the complex machine that is software development by proficiently navigating both familiar roads and those less traveled. At Blue Label Labs, they are the main point of contact for the UI/UX team, branding manager, and technical product manager. Great PMs shine by leveraging the following skills to deliver fantastic products to the market.

Exceptional intuition and the ability to think on their feet. Beginning with the Design Sprint, a PM derives the underlying strategy for the scope of a project then puts together an actionable plan for all teams involved. They have the innate ability to comprehend the client’s vision to develop a valuable MVP as well as the roadmap for future iterations. When obstacles arise, they’re able to pivot to keep teams on track as well as lend their expertise to finding effective solutions through problem-solving. Their grasp of the big picture allows them to make quick decisions that contribute to a product’s success.

Superb people skills and masterful communication. The PM is the liaison between all teams so they must be able to communicate effectively with both the technical and creative units as well as other vested parties. Their tact allows them to issue feedback in ways that serve to teach, inspire, and facilitate growth in team members. They’re able to work alongside clients to help them refine their value proposition for the lifecycle of a product, thus ensuring the software will continue to produce results throughout time.

A high degree of empathy. In correlation with intuition, a PM uses empathy to understand the motivation behind a project as well as appreciate the client’s budget and expected timeline for delivery. This allows them to capture the fundamental feeling a product needs to convey to its users – not only does a product need to serve a functional purpose, but it also needs to make a meaningful connection with audiences to drive adoption and keep users engaged. Ultimately, this soft skill supplies a foundation that allows teams to create effective tools for purpose-driven businesses by instilling a sense of resolve into both technical and design components.

Finding a PM

A PM is tasked with the responsibility to make sure everything that goes into a software development project is fine-tuned and correctly communicated in a timely fashion. Their efficacy with communication keeps teams on task and motivated – most importantly, it allows them to help clients translate their ideas into useful designs as well as understand value and performance throughout a product’s lifecycle. When seeking this kind of talent, look for reputable agencies offering staff augmentation or recruiting services like Talener for finding top tech talent.  

Our highly-skilled PMs lead teams that build successful products

We seek out challenges in design and outcomes by embracing innovation and confronting the unconventional. The PMs at Blue Label Label Labs are proven themselves who have performed admirably as leaders during our many development endeavors. Get in touch if you’re looking for an expert PM for your project or if you need a digital product agency to take the reins to bring your idea to the market.

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