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How To Send Anonymous iPhone Messages

| April 23, 2014


Instant messaging apps are getting really famous these days, with a huge user base all over the world. Just recently we witnessed Facebook’s $16 million takeover of Whatsapp, which clearly proves that nearly everybody is trying to tap into this clearly profitable market.

Now, a new app called Truth offers somewhat of a twist on instant messaging. The app allows users to hold anonymous conversations with those of their contacts list.

Everybody who is using the Truth network can send, each with a custom username and a randomly generated avatar. Sending a “truth” to someone is almost similar to sending an email or a text: Select a recipient, tap the message, hit Send, and watch an owl wiggle its wings as your message flies into the network.

If the recipient is another ‘Truth’ user, the message will show up in his or her app — from an unknown sender, of course — and trigger a notification. If not, the recipient will get a text message with part of the truth you’re sending … and, of course, a link to download the app.

The idea of this app is somewhat similar to the all-famous Facebook ‘Confession’ pages. You can easily send anonymous comments to people, may it be constructive criticism, your bad thoughts or just a flirt with somebody.


The creator (Foro Technologies) hypes the app as a ‘new way to communicate honestly with your friends’, but one indeed does wonder, this service is seemingly easy for abusers to use. Can this app stay the way it was intended to be?

Now, the sensible lot of you out there won’t really abuse such a promising service, but anything in this Digital age, particularly those involving anonymity, is open to misconduct. The creators of Truth have reported that only 5% of all messages sent via. Truth have been reported as offensive or spam, but it will indeed be interesting to see how this service takes off.

You may know that these kinds of apps are mainly used by high-schoolers, college- youngsters and university students, and that this segment of the market is indeed the most valuable one at present. Young people currently dominate the instant messaging market, and with many similar services to Truth already available in the App Store, it will be fascinating to whether this can gain the amount of attention and users that other mainstream apps enjoy.

So, if you have something you want to say to your friend, but want to do some anonymously, you can try Truth for iOS by downloading it from here. And if you do happen to use it, do remember to tell us in the comments below what you thought of it, truthfully.


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