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Most Common App Programming Languages

Natasha Singh | May 2, 2019

If you thought spoken languages were difficult, just wait until you learn about programming languages.

The languages that app designers commonly use when creating digital products are frequently changing. As new programming languages emerge, developers experiment with them to determine which are best-suited to their projects and goals.

The following are some of the more popular language options used in mobile app development. Each one offers its own unique set of benefits to app designers.


Create Android Apps With Java App Development Software

Many students begin working with Java when they first take an interest in app development. That’s because this language is easier to learn than other options.

Although many associate Java with web applications, developers also use it as a mobile app development software to create Android applications. In an effort to compete with Apple, Google chose to let designers create Android apps with this language primarily due to its widespread use.

The idea (which has arguably yielded the intended results) of  was to ensure Android users had many apps to choose from after selecting this operating system. By allowing app designers and development teams to use a popular language such as Java, Google encouraged fast development.


Swift is Popular With iOS App Designers

It may come as no surprise that iOS developers often use Swift. After all, Apple developed and released it. As a result, this app development software is designed specifically for creating iOS apps.

As the name implies, Swift helps mobile app development teams put digital designs together quickly. It also helps app designers spot errors in code easily. This reduces the length of the development process by ensuring errors are addressed sooner rather than later.


C++ Mobile App Development Software Makes Cross-Platform Apps Better

App designers have been using C++ app development software to create a wide range of programs since 1985. It’s remained one of the top programming languages (and been used for a variety of purposes) due to its efficiency and versatility.

C++ is a portable language, making it useful when developing apps for more than one platform and/or device.


App Designers Rely on Python

Python is another language programmers can use in many different ways. That’s a key reason major companies and organizations often rely on it when developing their own apps and programs.

Additionally, Python makes it easier for app designers to work productively. Its extensive support library includes many frequently-used programming tasks. As a result, developers can be as efficient as possible when writing code.


Make Mobile App Development Faster with HTML5

When choosing which mobile app development software to use, designers must consider their goals. Some languages offer features or capabilities that aren’t necessary for their current projects.

For instance, the fact that more people browse the internet on mobile devices than on computers these days has resulted in an increased focus on developing reliable mobile websites and web applications. That’s why app designers often use HTML5. This language offers many benefits, but it’s primarily useful as a tool for building sites and web apps that perform well on mobile devices.

If you have an app idea, it’s possible the developers you hire will build the product using one of these languages. They’ll begin by assessing your goals and determining which app development software will help you reach them most effectively.

Of course, new programming languages will emerge in the future. App designers will continue to experiment with them, learning how new options offer even more advantages for mobile app development.


Natasha Singh
+ posts

Senior iOS Developer at Blue Label Labs

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