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It’s no secret that the iPhone is a popular device. With the right iPhone application development and design partner, this device gives entrepreneurs and brands the opportunity to reach many potential users.

That said, simply releasing an iPhone app design isn’t enough to guarantee your success. For the best results, partner with professional iPhone app developers. At Blue Label Labs, you’ll find expert designers and developers ready to work with you to realize your vision and leverage the best tools and techniques throughout the iOS app development process. We’re experts in building applications for the iPhone for clients serving a wide range of industries. Regardless of your specific needs, with our help, you can be confident your app will find the right audience.

What You Need to Know About iPhone Application Development

It’s easy to argue that there’s never been a better time to build applications for the iPhone. That’s partly because recent iOS updates have greatly expanded what an app can do.


For instance, Apple recently released the ARKit. This set of iOS mobile app development tools helps programmers create augmented reality apps, like Pokemon Go! or Snapchat. Although AR technology has been most popular in the gaming and social media markets thus far, many organizations have begun leveraging it during the iPhone application development process to enhance programs that serve different purposes.

Essentially, AR allows users to superimpose virtual images or elements over the real world displayed on the iPhone’s screen. Many big companies are already exploring the potential benefits of this capability in iOS app development.

For example, IKEA released an app that allows eCommerce customers to superimpose virtual renderings of furniture or fixtures atop their immediate surroundings. This makes it easier for users to determine whether they’d like to purchase that item.

Core ML

That said, the ARKit isn’t the only new iPhone app development feature being used to create strong products. Apple has also recently launched Core ML, a machine learning program that allows iPhone app developers to incorporate several new features into their designs. These features, include image registration, barcode detection, and face and object tracking.

Core NFC

Thanks to another new iPhone and iPad app development innovation – the “Core NFC” framework – developers can also create programs that can read what are referred to as Near Field Communication tags. These allow users to learn more about items in their immediate surroundings. For example, tags used in iPhone app design might provide more information about items in a store, or when used in settings like museums, can give users additional details about particular exhibits. Blue Label Labs created the Magic Money platform atop this technology to allow fair and carnival goers a way to fill, reload and scan ride credits via a set of apps and RFID bracelets.


Siri’s functionality has also expanded. Up until recently, Siri integration into iOS mobile app development was limited to messaging, banking, photo search, VoIP calling, car controls, and ride scheduling. Now it can be integrated with apps that offer features like task management, bill paying, and QR codes.

iOS App Development Partners

Apple is constantly adding features for iPhone application development that designers can take advantage of. If you’re unfamiliar with them, you won’t be able to fully optimize your product. That’s why it’s important to work with experienced developers. Our team at Blue Label Labs understands what can be achieved with these new features. We’ll make sure you don’t overlook any potential functionality your iPhone app might now be able to deliver.

It’s also worth noting that, with the release of iOS 11, Apple is deleting any items from the App Store that use a 32-bit processor. Now, all apps must use 64-bit processors. By working with professionals skilled in Swift iOS development, you can be sure your product will meet Apple’s new standards while maintaining the highest level of quality. If you already have an app that runs on an old 32-bit processor, you can work with our team of expert iPhone app developers to update it accordingly.

Why Choose Blue Label Labs for Your iOS App Development

Proven Success

Our team at Blue Label Labs has already built more than 250 apps for iOS devices. Perhaps more importantly, we’ve demonstrated our versatility when it comes to iPhone and iPad app development, creating everything from games to finance apps. Check out our apps here.

Diverse Projects

As our portfolio indicates, we’re also particularly interested in serving the rapidly-growing on-demand market. Popular apps like Uber and Seamless prove that customers want iPhone app designs that allow them to easily schedule services or order products. If you have an idea for an on-demand app, we’d love to hear about it.

Of course, our main goal is to make sure the finished product matches your vision while also offering real value to your customers. No matter what type of app you want to create, our experts in Swift development for iOS devices will coordinate with you to ensure your product is primed for success.

Excellent Customer Service

Our team at Blue Label Labs works efficiently without sacrificing quality. We want to give you the opportunity to provide any and all necessary feedback throughout the iPhone app development process. However, we’re also happy to work independently, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

On top of that, we prioritize education at Blue Label Labs. We know that iOS updates are always modifying what iPhone applications can do, and this is going to affect the process of Swift iOS app development. That’s why we work hard to constantly learn about these operating system updates and constantly fine-tune how we build applications for iPhone. By familiarizing ourselves with Apple’s upgrades and changes, we’re able to take advantage of all the operating system and devices have to offer.

If you have an idea for an iPhone app and want the support of iOS mobile app development experts, get started by requesting a free quote today!