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The Ultimate List of App Review Sites

Natasha Singh | February 21, 2013

One of the well-known avenues your app can take to the top of the app store sales charts is through reviews of it posted on popular app review sites. The more traffic the review site receives, the larger audience that review will have and consequently the more people who will download your app. Furthermore, getting reviewed by a highly-ranked app review site yields very important SEO benefits to your app’s web site (For instance, a link from an review to your app’s web site is sweet sweet SEO elixir, one that would excite even the most hardened of SEO-veterans).

Where to find a list of app review sites to submit your app?

The good people at have answered every Appster’s prayers: they have a compiled an ongoing list of app review sites (right now there are over 174 in the list) which includes the contact information for each site plus is ranked in descending order of Alexa rank. (Alexa is the Internet standard for ranking web sites by traffic). If you are looking to launch your app and want to get it in front of as many app review sites as possible definitely check out this list and start emailing everyone of them!

Natasha Singh
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Senior iOS Developer at Blue Label Labs

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