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What are Design Sprints and How Can They Help Your Business Succeed?

| December 7, 2021

Design Sprints have become an integral part of our success at Blue Label Labs and by better understanding design sprint steps, the more familiar and thus, streamlined the process will be when it comes time to build your digital product. We’ve utilized them to create some fantastic products over the years—and we’re not the only ones. Design sprints have been the catalyst behind the launches or reinventions of global products like Facebook, Slack, and AirBnB. But you don’t have to be a massive company to reap the benefits—they work for businesses of any size.

But what are design sprints exactly? To give you a better sense of what they are—and how they can help your team—we’ve put together an explainer video that touches on the key elements of a successful design sprint.

Design Sprint Overview

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In a nutshell, design sprints are typically intense, five full-day or ten half-day sessions focused squarely on one thing. Whether that’s building the foundation for a new product, prototyping, problem-solving, or just experimenting with ideas, the design sprint process provides meaningful insights and solutions in a short timeframe. Think of them as condensed hackathons. Design thinking exercises are implemented, ideas are pitched and prototyped, and a whole day is set aside for testing and feedback. 

These design sprint phases result in accelerated learning, providing valuable feedback around a product or idea that can be leveraged for future planning. 

At Blue Label Labs, we’ve been implementing design sprints for years and have the process nailed down to a science. We can confidently lead any team—either in-person or remotely—through all the design sprint steps successfully. We ensure a fast, smooth process with tangible results. 

Ready to take your project to the next level? Let Blue Label Labs lead your next design sprint.

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