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2019 Technology Trends: What’s Hot In The New Year?

Bobby Gill | January 3, 2019

In 2019, Blockchain is out and machine learning is in!  The growth in popularity and adoption of AI technology throughout 2018 will continue as a 2019 technology trend. It will solidify its place as its value is further realized to advance progress in business, health care, security, manufacturing and a host of other industries.

Mobile apps that assist doctors in diagnosing medical events; retail websites that provide enhanced customer service; platforms that predict weather and natural disasters; smart watches that detect potential diseases; wearables that help a baseball player improve their swing. self-learning smart speakers that anticipate user needs; self-driving cars and other autonomous vehicles. These are just a few current applications of AI. However, new trends in machine learning are as limitless as the challenges they are designed to overcome.  

New Trends in Machine Learning Enable Better, Data-Driven Business Decisions

Machine learning technology is becoming readily available to the masses, furthering artificial intelligence. As a result, machine learning future trends will include pattern recognition. Additionally, advanced analytics capabilities will be increasingly relied upon to review data – arguably the most abundant and valuable business resource today.

With the rise in popularity of deep learning trends, many companies are already rapidly veering towards this data-driven business approach. This is because machine learning helps increase profit and productivity. Without it, wading through and analyzing vast oceans of data that is too massive and complex to be useful to human eyes or practical from a cost-benefit perspective.

The PwC technology trends 2019 AI predictions report surveyed 1000 AI-knowledgeable business executives. Of this number, 20 percent said their organizations plan to implement AI enterprise-wide in 2019. An additional 27 percent indicated that AI has already been implemented in multiple areas of their organizations.

Managing the Ethical Challenges That Deep Learning Trends Present

Here at Blue Label Labs, we anticipate new trends in machine learning. As such, we are seamlessly integrating machine learning technology into countless user-friendly apps and digital products that will increasingly penetrate every aspect of business and personal life. Additionally, we are personalizing user experiences, improving lives, and simplifying countless tasks.

AI-powered technologies are becoming more commonplace with the popularity of machine learning trends. However, they will often remain invisible to the user. The true challenge for 2019 and beyond will be to ensure we do not leave our ethics and humanity behind as we explore and expand the new AI landscape. Algorithmic bias, privacy and transparency are just a few of the challenges and concerns that need to be addressed with the 2019 technology trends. We must keep them top of mind as we break through technological boundaries that just a few short decades ago were relegated to the pages of science fiction.

We are still in the infancy of artificial intelligence. As a result, we are just beginning to scratch the surface of AI’s potential applications. 2019 will certainly see machine learning and deep learning trends remain the most active and exciting component of the AI frontier.

Bobby Gill
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at BlueLabel | + posts

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