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Increase Brand Engagement With Apple TV

Bobby Gill | February 23, 2018

Consumers are continuing to move away from traditional broadcast and cable TV. Streaming media players are already estimated to be in about 40% of all homes that have internet, and these numbers are only going to rise further.

If a business wants to be able to connect with these consumers, it means that they are going to need to reach them through the streaming media devices that they use. Right now, the market for TV app design is not nearly as crowded as the market for smartphone apps, but that is going to change as more brands recognize the need to have a presence in this space.

When considering strategies to move into marketing on streaming TV devices, you will have to look at the different platforms and decide which ones are right for your brand. Some companies may choose to work with an Amazon Fire TV developer because the platform has one of the largest user bases, but value can also be found in other systems.

Translating Amazon Fire TV Development to Apple TV

Apple TV might not have as big a user base that as Amazon Fire TV, but it has a large audience that has a greater tendency to spend. It has already been shown that iOS users spend more on apps than Android users do.

Chances are high that these iOS users will be the same people that use Apple TV. Furthermore, there are fewer apps in the Apple TV app store, so it offers an opportunity for smaller brands to stand out and gain a foothold before the market gets too crowded.

You don’t even have to choose either Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV development. Both have their benefits, and you will be able to employ many of the same strategies on both platforms. After working with an Amazon Fire TV app developer to represent your brand on that platform, you could then take many of the same ideas and use them to build your Apple TV app.

For most companies, TV app design is going to be a new experience. You might have a smartphone app for your business already, but there are some things that you will need to do differently when going through your TV app design process. Here are some strategies that can work for increasing brand awareness and engagement through Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV development.

More Immersive TV Shopping Experiences Encouraged Through App Development

Companies that work in e-commerce will be able to benefit from the large screen and the fact that they can offer products from another device that their customers use. Consumers will be able to shop for products on a grander screen, and they can view larger and more impressive images of the products that they are thinking about purchasing.

As an additional point, users will be able to shop while they watch, or easily switch to shopping from watching. A consumer might see a product they are interested in when viewing content on a different app. They could then switch seamlessly to the e-commerce app to search for and buy that product while their interest is at its peak.

Engaging Users With Original Video Content

If you are working on a system that has the TV as the focal point, using video is an obvious extension of the marketing strategy. For some brands, it might be a video on-demand platform, and for others they could undertake Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV development to live stream events.

This type of TV app design that focuses on original, branded content could be especially beneficial for companies that market themselves as being educational or  that share knowledge. It could also work well for businesses that operate in the health and fitness sectors, or for companies that work in DIY.

TV App Design Invites a Shared App Experience

Mobile apps can be good for a number of different reasons, but they tend to come up short when content needs to be shared. You either have to send messages to the other people that you want to share the information with, or you need to pass the device around from person to person.

With the larger screen, a TV app design can offer a better viewing platform for these shared experiences. If a family is shopping for furniture, they can all be a part of the decision making process thanks to the big screen.

A group that is planning a trip can work together as they view images and options on the TV screen. For any app where more than one person may need to engage, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV development is going to provide better service than an app that is on mobile or tablet.

Regardless of deciding to go with Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV developers, the time to move to streaming platforms is now. The market might be small when compared to mobile apps, but it is growing fast. By getting started with your company’s TV app design now, you can gain a significant advantage over competitors that decide to wait for the market to grow.

Bobby Gill
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at BlueLabel | + posts

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