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13 Must-Follow Facebook Pages For Mobile App Marketing

| July 5, 2021

If you are working on a mobile app or have just finished one, you may want to start thinking about marketing it. Now, this isn’t an easy job, but here you have a list of must-follow Facebook pages that will give you some kind of inspiration on the road.

#1: TechCrunch

Since its launch, TechCrunch has emerged as the Crunchbase of tech startups. It profiles startups and their work, publishes app reviews, and brings breaking news for everyone interested in the tech world.

#2:  Social Media Examiner

Touting itself as the largest online social media magazine, Social Media Examiner on Facebook, allows you to stay up to date with all the latest in social media news.

#3: Facebook Ad Buyers

Facebook Ad Buyers is a private Facebook community that lets users from all over the world share discuss, compare, and share tips on different tools. It can provide guidance on how to buy ads, as well as advising on the various ways to go about this.

#4: Facebook Ad Hacks

Much like Facebook Ad Buyers, Facebook Ad Hacks is a free private group that deals exclusively in Facebook ad buying hacks and lets users share tips on how to circumvent common problems in the field. If you’re trying to market your app, getting the word out through Facebook ads can be one of the best ways.

#5: Social Media Today

If you are out of ideas for how to market your apps, this blog will shake you up and provide a couple of tips on what to pay attention to.


#6: Pocket Gamer

Whether you are targeting Android, Windows, or iOS gamers, Pocket Gamer has to be on the list of blogs you want your app to be featured on.

#7: Touch Arcade

TouchArcade has a well-defined aim: to review and publicize those games that are worthy of downloading to a smart device. Make sure your app is one of them.

#8: Medium

If you are looking for a community where you can share your ideas or read interesting thoughts from writers, developers, and marketers alike, Medium is the place to go.

#9: App Annie

There are several keywords in the app market: monetization and performance. AppAnnie knows them both.

#10: Idea To Appster

If you are looking for inspiration and fresh information about what’s trending in the ever-changing mobile market, you have come to the right place. You can find app marketing tips, ideas, and inspiring experiences shared by successful app developers and marketing heads, from world-leader game developer companies.

#11: The Next Web

Sometimes it takes only one article to grab the attention of the crowd, so make sure that text is placed in the right place. The Next Web is one such place, as well as a great platform to read breaking news on mobile.

#12: Viral Heat

The list wouldn’t be complete with a site that offers great tips for developers and app marketers to get the most out of social media, boost sales, and provide a simple, accessible app support platform using already existing tools. And that’s Viralheat.

#13: CNET

CNET puts a great amount of effort into publishing in-depth, short, informative app reviews, and their rating system does reflect where the app stands in terms of quality.

Photo Credit: Mark J P

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