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This Week in Mobile: ‘Bang With Friends’ No More!

Bobby Gill | October 1, 2013

The fortunes of everyone’s favorite hookup app “Bang with Friends” took a blow today when a copyright dispute with Zynga forced it to rebrand itself as “The Next Bang”.  Really, that was the best they could do? What was #2 on that list? Hitlerbang?! Society deserves more from the team that gave us the email address  ‘’. ‘The Next Bang’ sounds like a Neil deGrasse Tyson TV special, which is a word-association that’s not going to do much for people’s libido.  Just thinking off the top of my head here are some ideas for a better name for the app:

  • Instabang
  • Bangterest
  • My personal favorite: Banging Socially

What about a pivot to focus on the Southern Asian casual hookup demographic? They could call themselves Bangladesh.

Nobody puts Stevie in the corner


Once again Steve Ballmer surprises the world, no not by announcing an acquisition of BlackBerry, but by walking off the stage of his last Microsoft Employee meeting as CEO to the sultry sounds of the Patrick Swayze classic “Dirty Dancing”. Ask me or anyone else what would be the song that Steve Ballmer rode off into sunset to and I doubt anyone would have guessed “I’ve had the Time of My Life”.  Could it be that we are finally starting to see the real Steve Ballmer? Has all the screaming, chair throwing, monkey dancing that Ballmer has done over the past 13 years been merely a facade? I predict that not too long after Alan Mually takes the helm of Microsoft, we’ll see Steve Ballmer make his dance floor debut on Dancing With Stars.

– YouTube

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Delta chooses the Surface

Here’s something to think about the next time you are flying on Delta: your pilot’s flight manuals could be on a Surface 2 tablet! Yikes, I don’t know what’s scarier: jumping aboard a 787, or the thought of my pilot’s relying on a Surface for emergency instructions on how to land the plane! Well pack an extra Xanax for your flight folks, Delta announced that it’s equipping 11,000 pilots with electronic flight bags that use the new Surface 2 tablet.  Oh and these aren’t the Surface Pro tablets running a full version of Windows, nope, Delta’s betting it all on Windows RT!

As a former owner of a Surface RT, and a current owner of a Surface Pro, let’s just say I’m a tad bit concerned. I love my Surface don’t get me wrong, but it still has trouble with public WiFi hotspots, not to mention the battery life of a Soviet submarine! Delta might end up saving itself $13 million a year by moving all of its checklists and flight manuals to the Surface, but all I can think of is a pilot in an emergency, unable to access his flight manuals while he waits for his Surface to finish installing its latest set of updates. Yikes!


Bobby Gill
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at BlueLabel | + posts

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