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Webinar: Mobile Apps for the Restaurant Industry

| December 3, 2021

The past two years have demanded a substantial amount of change in the restaurant industry to keep businesses afloat during mandatory closures and other best safety best practices – as a result, restaurant app development is now in more demand than ever. Foodservice businesses from the national franchises to local staples had to adapt quickly or become an unfortunate statistic.

Around 10% of restaurants in the US didn’t survive but the many that did were able to do so because of mobile technology that enables end-to-end contactless ordering and pick-up or delivery. However, everything happened so quickly and many still don’t understand what’s possible, much less how to approach the process.

In this webinar, Zack Drew, our VP of Client Solutions, and Ashkan Eskandari, our Director of Client Solutions, here at Blue Label Labs cover the spectrum of what’s possible when building mobile apps for evolving digital needs in the restaurant industry. Custom mobile apps take time and planning to be successful – we explain why building new or evolving existing custom mobile solutions allows businesses to be able to meet customer demands today and into the future.

Zack and Ash do this by exploring different development scenarios, for example, how and why “one-size-fits-all” apps built from third-party solutions like LevelUp or ChowNow allow businesses can get to the market quickly but sacrifice customization along the way and limits brands from building the best possible experience for their users. To learn more, get comfy and watch the webinar below to gain insight into the mobile restaurant industry as they examine real examples on the market today, explain the pros and cons of the available technologies for building these digital products, and discuss what’s possible in the world of custom mobile restaurant app development.

Mobile Apps for the Restaurant Industry

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