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Utilize Your App Description To Increase Downloads

| January 22, 2020

Developing a great app won’t mean much if nobody downloads it. Of course, there are several app marketing strategies you could use to raise awareness and increase downloads, but many developers are not making the most of one of the best opportunities to boost download numbers: the app description.

Your app description is one of the first things many people will read about your app. Not only that, a good app description can increase visibility in the app store and make it so users have an easier time finding your app. 

Here are a few of the things you can do to create an app description that will increase downloads.

Be Clear About What it Does

Telling people what the app does might seem like one of the most obvious points for creating a good description, but this is one of the most common ways app descriptions fail. If users don’t know what the app does, they won’t download it. Even being unclear about the functions of your app can hurt your download numbers. People want to know what they are getting before they download an app. This is especially true for any app that the user needs to pay to download.

Define the main function of the app and create a description that focuses on the main function. After that, you can start talking about the extra features, positive reviews or any other details that may help to push more users to download.

Mint provides a good app description example of this in action. The description gets right to the point of telling users what the app is for.

Highlight the Value of the App

Telling users what your app does is a good start, but you should also make sure to highlight the value of the app. Why would users want to have your app on their phones? What benefit will they get from using your app? Is it going to entertain? Will it help them save money? Will it make their lives easier? If people don’t see the value in downloading an app, they might feel like they can get by without having it on their phones. 

Find the value in your app and make sure to sell users on it in the description. For a good example of this, check out the description for the Microsoft To Do app. The description not only provides a clear description of what the app does, it also sells you on the value of using it to stay organized and manage your daily schedule.

Use Relevant Keywords

Optimizing an app description isn’t the same as SEO, but there is some crossover. The App Store is a search engine in some ways, and you can use some of the same tactics to help increase visibility. One way to do this is to find relevant keywords and use them in your app description. This will help to ensure that your app shows up when users search for relevant terms and it can also be a way to make sure your app description shows up in the search results in Google and other search engines.

Include Favorable Press Statements

Positive reviews can help to convince users to download your app. Of course, seeing good reviews from users will help, but if your app has been reviewed by any websites or blogs, including quotes or ratings from the reviews can give your app added credibility. After you have made it clear what your app does and highlighted the value and the key features, include mentions of any positive reviews or press your app has received.

A good app description example of using press comes from the page for the Ten Percent Happier Meditation app. The description highlights press and awards while also making clear statements of what the app does and how it can benefit users.



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